Diploma in Administrative Management Unisa Requirements:

If you’re considering enrolling in the Diploma in Administrative Management at Unisa, understanding the requirements is crucial for a successful application. This guide outlines all the essential criteria you need to meet, including matric requirements, APS score, and other key factors.

To be eligible for this program, you need a National Senior Certificate (NSC) or an equivalent qualification with a minimum APS score of 17. Additionally, you’ll need consistent access to a computer, printer, and the internet to participate in online and distance learning activities.

This qualification, coded 98216, is at NQF Level 6 with a total of 360 credits, and it prepares you for junior and middle management roles in various administrative and financial environments. Read on to ensure you meet all the necessary requirements to start your journey in administrative management at Unisa.

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Qualification Overview

  • Qualification Code: 98216
  • NQF Level: 6
  • Total Credits: 360
  • SAQA ID: 85146
  • APS/AS: 17


Requirements 1: Access and Equipment

Students must have access to a computer, printer, and the internet throughout their studies. These are essential for completing the coursework and participating in online learning activities.

Requirements 2: Purpose Statement

The Diploma in Administrative Management is designed to provide students with the fundamental skills needed for administrative management roles. The qualification prepares students for junior and middle management positions in various organizations, focusing on effective administrative and financial environment functions. This qualification is presented through both online and distance learning modes.

Requirements 3: Who Can Register?

  • New Applicants and Unisa Students: Applicants can only register if they have received and accepted an offer of placement from Unisa. Unisa reserves the right to cancel registrations if it is found that admission was incorrect.
  • Re-registering Students: Re-registering students can register for the 2024 academic year once the registration period opens.
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Requirements 4: Module Selection

Choosing the right modules is crucial for timely graduation. Each qualification requires passing a certain number of NQF level credits within a set time frame. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Co-requisite: If Module A is a co-requisite for Module B, you must register for both simultaneously. You cannot cancel Module A without also canceling Module B.
  • Pre-requisite: If Module A is a pre-requisite for Module B, you must pass Module A before registering for Module B.
  • Credit Limits: You may not register for more than 60 credits per semester or 120 credits per academic year. This does not include supplementary exams from previous semesters or modules taken for non-degree purposes.

Requirements 5: Time Management

Consider your available time when choosing modules, as this affects your academic performance. On average, you will need:

  • 6 to 8 hours per week for semester modules
  • 4 to 6 hours per week for year modules

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