NSFAS does not fund Advanced Diplomas. As of the 2021 academic year, NSFAS no longer provides funding for postgraduate courses. This includes:

  • Postgraduate Certificates
  • Postgraduate Diplomas
  • Honours Degrees
  • Masters Degrees
  • PhD Degrees

Students who were funded in 2020 for any of these postgraduate qualifications were granted continued funding in 2021 to complete their courses.

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If you are seeking funding for postgraduate qualifications, please contact the National Research Foundation (NRF). Visit their website at www.nrf.ac.za for application dates and further information.

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Reasons Why NSFAS Does Not Fund Advanced Diplomas

  1. Focus on Undergraduate Education:
    • NSFAS has prioritized funding for undergraduate education to ensure that more students can access and complete their first degrees or diplomas. The aim is to widen access to higher education for students from low-income backgrounds.
  2. Resource Allocation:
    • The funding resources of NSFAS are limited, and the decision to cut postgraduate funding allows the scheme to allocate more funds to undergraduate students. This helps to address the high demand for financial aid at the undergraduate level.
  3. Alternative Funding Sources:
    • Postgraduate students have other funding opportunities available to them, such as the National Research Foundation (NRF), which specializes in supporting postgraduate studies, research, and academic development. This allows NSFAS to focus its resources on undergraduates while postgraduate students can seek support from these specialized funding bodies.
  4. Sustainability of the Fund:
    • By concentrating on undergraduate funding, NSFAS aims to maintain the sustainability of the fund. With the growing number of applicants each year, it is crucial to manage the available resources effectively to continue supporting future generations of students.
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For postgraduate funding, students are encouraged to apply through the National Research Foundation (NRF). Visit their website at www.nrf.ac.za for more information on application dates and eligibility criteria.