Henley Business School stands out as a premier institution in the southern hemisphere, having won the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) Global Excellence in Practice Awards twice, in 2020 and 2022. With nearly 80 years of expertise in global leadership development, Henley Business School is known for its unique focus on management practice, creating successful leaders who achieve results. The school is ranked 20th in the world and 1st for executive education by the Financial Times in 2023. Henley Business School is an international institution with campuses in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the UK, and Henley Africa is the only international, quadruple-accredited business school in Africa.

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Course Requirements

Post-Experience Undergraduate Programmes

  • Higher Certificate in Management Practice (HCMP)
    • NQF Level: 5
    • SAQA ID: 102107
    • Overview: Prepares individuals to manage themselves and understand business operations.
    • Admission Requirements: National Senior Certificate (NSC) or equivalent.
  • Advanced Certificate in Management Practice (ACMP)
    • NQF Level: 6
    • SAQA ID: 98868
    • Overview: Provides tools to enhance managerial potential and skills.
    • Admission Requirements: HCMP or equivalent qualification and relevant work experience.
  • Advanced Diploma in Management Practice (ADMP)
    • NQF Level: 7
    • SAQA ID: 117034
    • Overview: Focuses on strategic management excellence.
    • Admission Requirements: ACMP or equivalent qualification and relevant work experience.

Postgraduate Programmes

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice (PGDip)
    • NQF Level: 8
    • SAQA ID: 97814
    • Overview: Recognizes individuals as proactive, organized, and effective leaders.
    • Admission Requirements: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent and relevant work experience.
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
    • NQF Level: 9
    • SAQA ID: 97363
    • Overview: Offers a prestigious MBA from a global, quadruple-accredited business school.
    • Admission Requirements: Bachelor’s degree, PGDip, or equivalent qualification and significant work experience.

Short Programmes

  • High Impact Communication
    • Duration: 2 days
    • Overview: Enhances communication skills to influence others.
  • Finance Decoded
    • Duration: 3 days
    • Overview: Empowers non-financial managers to make strategic financial decisions.
  • Personal Mastery
    • Duration: 3 days
    • Overview: Helps individuals unlock their potential.
  • Strategic Sales Leadership
    • Duration: 4 days
    • Overview: Elevates sales leadership skills for strategic decision-making.
  • Innovation Unleashed
    • Duration: 3 days
    • Overview: Uses design thinking to drive creativity and innovation.
  • AI and Data Driven Leadership: Navigating Digital Transformation
    • Duration: 3 days
    • Overview: Empowers teams with AI and data-driven strategies.
  • Cybersecurity Leadership Essentials
    • Duration: 3 days
    • Overview: Focuses on optimizing patient care and outcomes through technological change.
  • Future-proof your Healthcare Practice
    • Duration: 7 weeks (2-hour weekly live online session and 1-hour self-study for a total of 18 hours)
    • Overview: Embraces technological change to optimize healthcare practices.
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Henley Business School 3
Henley Business School

How to Apply

To apply for a program at Henley Business School, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Henley Business School Africa Website: Go to Henley Business School Africa and navigate to the admissions section.
  2. Choose Your Program: Select the course you are interested in from the list of available programs.
  3. Complete the Application Form: Fill out the online application form with your personal details and academic history.
  4. Submit Required Documents: Upload necessary documents such as your ID, academic records, and any other specified documentation.
  5. Submit Application: Complete and submit your application online.

Is It Worth It to Study Here

Henley Business School classes
Henley Business School classes

Studying at Henley Business School offers numerous benefits for aspiring leaders and professionals. The school’s prestigious accolades, including the EFMD Global Excellence in Practice Awards, and its high rankings in executive education highlight its commitment to excellence. Henley’s unique focus on management practice ensures that students not only learn theoretical concepts but also gain practical skills that can be immediately applied in the workplace.

Fair and Honest Findings about Henley Business School – Africa

Should anyone study here or not and why?

Henley Business School – Africa is highly regarded for its educational programs, particularly its MBA and Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice. Based in Paulshof, Johannesburg, Henley Africa boasts a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 111 reviews on Google, Hello Peter, and other sources. The institution is noted for its strong emphasis on leadership development and personal growth, supported by a highly experienced faculty.

Positive Feedback

Many reviews highlight the high quality of education and the supportive environment at Henley. Sibusiso expresses immense gratitude for completing his Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice, emphasizing that the program expanded his business knowledge and provided valuable insights into his capabilities. He highly recommends the program for anyone looking to advance their career and personal development.

Belinda, who completed her MBA in 2022, praises Henley for being a family-friendly institution. She received significant support and encouragement, even delivering two of her children during her studies. She describes her experience as “awesome” and recommends Henley for its engaging and fun learning environment.

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Raymond describes Henley as a fantastic place to develop and grow leadership skills, calling it the best business school in South Africa. He is eager to continue his educational journey with Henley, underscoring the school’s reputation on the global stage.

Marilé, an MBA student, appreciates the comprehensive support system at Henley, which includes access to libraries, student forums, and responsive administrative staff. She highlights that Henley’s online system and study portal are crucial for students willing to put in the effort. She emphasizes that self-discipline and proactive engagement are essential for success at Henley.

Negative Feedback

Despite the overwhelmingly positive feedback, there are some concerns about administrative issues. Thalissa points out that while the content is amazing, the administration is beyond shocking. She reports delays in receiving marks and being incorrectly told she had not submitted assignments. She warns that the combination of MBA stress and poor administration can be overwhelming.

Vicky criticizes Henley for its poor administration and lack of support for students, suggesting that those who self-fund should consider other institutions like GIBS or Unisa. She mentions that future employers may not value Henley’s accreditation as much as the ability to solve real business problems.

Other reviews, such as those from Constance and Jason, note that while the campus is spacious and conveniently located, areas like food quality and administrative efficiency need improvement.

Should anyone study here?

Yes, with awareness of potential administrative challenges. The positive reviews suggest that Henley Business School – Africa offers a robust educational experience with a strong focus on leadership development and personal growth. The faculty is highly experienced, and the support system is comprehensive for those who engage proactively.

Why? The institution’s emphasis on personal and professional development, coupled with its global reputation, makes it an attractive option. However, the negative feedback regarding administrative issues cannot be ignored. Prospective students should be prepared to navigate these challenges and ensure they utilize all available resources effectively.

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Overall, Henley Business School – Africa provides a compelling educational experience that balances academic rigor with personal development. The positive aspects, such as dedicated faculty, comprehensive support systems, and a strong focus on leadership, make it a valuable choice for many. However, potential students should be aware of and prepared to address the administrative challenges reported by some. By maintaining proactive communication and leveraging the available resources, students can maximize their experience at Henley.


How Much Does an MBA at Henley Business School Cost?

MBA Fees 2024: R 385 000 (VAT exempt)

Payment Options:

  • Option 1:
    • Full payment upfront: R 371 500 (You save R 13 500)
  • Option 2:
    • Pay stage 1 and 2 upfront: R 262 000
    • Pay before stage 3: R 123 000
    • Total: R 385 000
  • Option 3:
    • Pay before stage 1: R 176 000
    • Pay before stage 2: R 91 500
    • Pay before stage 3: R 123 000
    • Total: R 390 500

What Are the Main MBA Requirements at Henley Business School?

To join the Henley MBA programme, you will need:

  • Three years’ management experience
  • An Honours degree or equivalent professional or international qualification with an NQF8 rating*
  • Evidence of competence in English, if your last degree was not completed at an English institution
  • Access to company data for assignment purposes

All applicants must submit:

  • A completed application form
  • Copy of ID or Passport
  • Current CV
  • Certified copies of degree certificates
  • Two professional references
  • English language test results or an English Proficiency at Work form, if applicable
  • SAQA certificate of evaluation per qualification (for international applicants)

Note: Please see the entry requirements and application form notes before submitting your application.