How to Apply Online at Orbit College for 2025:

ORBIT TVET College is one of three public Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges in the North West Province, South Africa. The college was formed in 2002 through the merger of four former technical colleges, now serving as the campuses of ORBIT. These campuses include Rustenburg, Brits, Mankwe, and each campus retains its unique character while contributing to the overall institutional identity. This guide will help you understand how to apply at ORBIT TVET College for 2025, focusing on the online application forms, the courses offered, and the application requirements.

2025 Online Application Guide for ORBIT TVET College

To apply at ORBIT TVET College for 2025, follow these steps:

  1. Choose the Programme: Start by selecting the course you want to study and the campus where you would like to enroll. The college offers a variety of programs across its three campuses: Rustenburg, Brits, and Mankwe.
  2. Write the Competency Test: Complete the competency test to ensure you are placed in the right program. Check the college’s website for specific instructions on how to access and complete the competency test.
  3. Complete the Online Application: Fill out the online application form accurately, ensuring all required fields are completed. Attach the following certified documents:
    • Identity Document or Birth Certificate (or proof of application for a new ID/Passport)
    • Latest Academic Results
    • Proof of Residence
    • Next of Kin ID

Submit your application online, and a confirmation email will be sent to you with all the application details.

Courses Offered at ORBIT TVET College

View all courses and requirements for Orbit TVET College Here

Key Values and Vision

ORBIT TVET College is guided by values such as leadership, teamwork, accountability, transparency, inclusiveness, quality, accessibility, and partnerships. The college’s mission is to provide affordable and accessible education responsive to the needs of the community and industry through quality approved and accredited programs.

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Partnerships and Linkages

ORBIT TVET College has formed partnerships with various government, industry, and post-school institutions, including:

  2. EW SETA:
  3. W&R SETA:
  5. CHIETA:
  8. CETA:
  9. INSETA:
  10. MISA:
  11. LG SETA:
  12. QCTO:
  13. MERSETA:
  16. NWPED:
  17. SANDF:
  18. Department of Correctional Services:

Additional Information and Services

ORBIT TVET College provides various services to support students throughout their academic journey, including:

  • Student Support Services: Offers academic counseling, career guidance, and personal support.
  • Library Services: Access to a wide range of academic resources and study materials.
  • Computer Labs: Equipped with the latest technology to support students in their studies.
  • Financial Aid: Assistance with bursaries and financial aid to help students who may need financial support.

Geographic Location

ORBIT TVET College serves the greater southern and western areas of the North West Province, with campuses located in Rustenburg, Brits, and Mankwe. The Central Office, located in Rustenburg, is the administrative and management hub of the college, providing support to all delivery sites.

Choosing ORBIT TVET College means you are opting for an institution that not only provides quality education but also ensures that students are well-supported throughout their studies. Follow this guide on how to apply at ORBIT TVET College for 2025, take advantage of the courses offered, and set yourself on the path to a successful career.

Fair and Honest Findings about ORBIT TVET College, Rustenburg Campus & Central Office

Should anyone study here or not and why?

ORBIT TVET College, located in Rustenburg, has garnered a 4.2-star rating from 142 reviews on Google and other review platforms. As a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institution, it offers a variety of programs aimed at improving students’ skills and employability. Reviews indicate a mix of positive and negative experiences, providing a comprehensive view of what prospective students can expect.

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Positive Feedback

Quality Education and Opportunities

Onkabetse highlights that ORBIT TVET College is one of the best, providing opportunities that can significantly improve students’ lives. The college offers a range of programs including Electricity, Boilermakers, Business Studies, Early Childhood Development, Tourism, Motor Mechanics, Beauty and Hair Care, and more, making it a versatile institution for various career paths.

Supportive Staff and Clean Environment

Many reviews commend the friendly and helpful staff. Jana Anderson mentions that the staff are very friendly and that COVID protocols are strictly followed, ensuring a safe learning environment. Similarly, John Moraka appreciates the clean and organized environment of the campus, which adds to a conducive learning atmosphere.

Practical Training

Munetsi Jeki’s reviews emphasize the college’s focus on practical training in various fields, making it an excellent choice for students looking to gain hands-on experience. This practical approach is crucial for students aiming to enter technical fields immediately after graduation.

Positive Administrative Support

Some reviewers, like Reay Hecker, have had excellent experiences with administrative staff, finding them very helpful. This support is crucial for students navigating enrollment and other bureaucratic processes.

Negative Feedback

Rude and Unhelpful Staff

Despite the positive comments, several reviews point out issues with staff behavior. Frederick Moroka and Lesedi Molefe both describe the staff as rude and unhelpful, often being on their phones instead of assisting students. This can create a frustrating experience for students needing guidance and support.

Administrative Issues

There are also significant administrative problems. Alana De Jager waited almost three years for her certificates, only to find out they were misplaced. Such issues can be a major setback for students needing their certifications for employment or further studies.

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Poor Communication

Godfrey and others note poor communication from the staff, which can be a significant barrier to effective learning and student satisfaction. Consistent and clear communication is essential for addressing student concerns and ensuring smooth administrative processes.

Inconsistent Service Quality

While some students have praised the college, others, like Oratile Mabe, mention that the service needs improvement. This inconsistency can affect the overall student experience and satisfaction.

Should anyone study here?

Yes, but with caution. ORBIT TVET College offers a wide range of programs and practical training opportunities that can greatly benefit students. The positive aspects include a supportive learning environment, a variety of courses, and practical training that prepares students for the workforce.

Why? Despite its strengths, the college faces challenges with administrative efficiency and staff behavior. Prospective students should be prepared to navigate potential issues with communication and support, and should consider visiting the campus and speaking with current students to get a clearer picture of the day-to-day experience.

Final Thoughts

Overall, ORBIT TVET College provides valuable educational opportunities, particularly for those interested in technical and vocational fields. While there are areas needing improvement, the institution’s strengths in practical training and course variety make it a viable option. Prospective students should weigh these factors carefully and consider reaching out to current students or alumni for further insights.