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The Personnel Administrative Measures (PAM) document is a critical regulatory framework used in the South African education sector. It provides comprehensive guidelines and procedures for the management of personnel in public schools. Here’s a detailed overview of what the PAM document covers:

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1. Employment and Appointment

  • Recruitment and Selection: Guidelines for the recruitment and selection of teachers and school management staff.
  • Appointment Procedures: Procedures for the appointment of educators, including temporary and permanent positions.
  • Post Levels: Classification of posts into different levels (e.g., Post Level 1 for teachers, Post Level 2 for heads of departments).

2. Conditions of Service

  • Working Hours: Regulations on the working hours and workload for teachers, including teaching time, preparation time, and extracurricular activities.
  • Leave Provisions: Detailed leave policies, including sick leave, maternity leave, study leave, and special leave.
  • Salary Scales: Salary structures and scales for different post levels, including allowances and benefits.

3. Duties and Responsibilities

  • Educator Duties: Comprehensive list of duties for teachers, heads of departments, deputy principals, and principals.
  • Professional Conduct: Expectations regarding professional conduct, including adherence to the South African Council for Educators (SACE) Code of Professional Ethics.

4. Professional Development

  • In-service Training: Policies on continuous professional development and in-service training for educators.
  • Performance Management: Guidelines for performance appraisal and development systems (IQMS – Integrated Quality Management System).

5. Disciplinary Measures

  • Disciplinary Procedures: Steps and procedures for handling misconduct and disciplinary actions against educators.
  • Grievance Procedures: Processes for educators to lodge grievances and appeals.
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6. Promotions and Transfers

  • Promotion Criteria: Criteria and processes for the promotion of educators to higher post levels.
  • Transfer Procedures: Guidelines for the transfer of educators between schools and provinces.

7. Termination of Service

  • Retirement: Regulations regarding the retirement age and benefits for educators.
  • Resignation: Procedures for resignation and the required notice periods.
  • Dismissal: Grounds and procedures for the dismissal of educators.

8. Additional Provisions

  • Health and Safety: Policies related to the health and safety of educators in the workplace.
  • Employee Wellness: Programs and support systems for the well-being of educators.

Important Sections

  • Chapter A: General Principles and Definitions
  • Chapter B: Conditions of Service
  • Chapter C: Leave Measures
  • Chapter D: Duties and Responsibilities
  • Chapter E: Professional Development
  • Chapter F: Disciplinary Measures
  • Chapter G: Grievance Procedures
  • Chapter H: Termination of Service

The PAM document is an essential guide for educators and school management, ensuring that the employment, conduct, and professional development of teachers are managed effectively and in accordance with national standards.