The University of the Free State (UFS) excels in fostering excellence across its comprehensive educational offerings, from teaching and learning to research. Nestled in the heart of South Africa, UFS is committed to shaping global leaders through a vibrant learning environment that promotes innovation, critical thinking, and scholarly excellence.

Minimum Course Requirements at UFS

Admission to UFS programs is highly competitive, based on merit selection and aims to identify exceptional university entrants. Specific admission requirements, which are subject to change without prior notice, are detailed in the faculty rulebooks accessible at For language proficiency, a minimum of Level 4 (50%) in English Home Language or English First Additional Language is required. Senior students should consult their head of department, lecturers, or faculty rulebooks for more detailed program requirements. Remember, all admission requirements could change, so it’s important to stay informed.

Extended Curriculum Programmes (ECP) at UFS

For prospective students who do not meet the mainstream program’s admission criteria, the Extended Curriculum Programme (ECP) provides an alternative pathway. Admission into the ECP is competitive and depends on space availability; therefore, better academic results improve admission chances. This program equips students with essential skills and academic support to thrive in their studies.

Types of Courses Offered at UFS

UFS offers a broad spectrum of courses across various disciplines:

  • Health Sciences: Training professionals in fields like medicine, nursing, and allied health.
  • Natural and Agricultural Sciences: Students engage in subjects like biology, agriculture, and environmental science, combining theoretical knowledge with practical application.
  • The Humanities: Encompassing social sciences and the arts, these courses explore human behavior, culture, and communication.
  • Law: Preparing students for careers in various legal contexts, focusing on justice and ethical practice.
  • Economic and Management Sciences: These courses are designed for future business leaders, covering economics, management, and accounting.
  • Education: Focused on training future educators, emphasizing diverse teaching methodologies and educational theories.

Each program at UFS is structured to ensure a well-rounded education, preparing students for professional success in both local and global contexts.

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