To become a Chef in South Africa, students should focus on specific subjects from Grade 10 through Grade 12. Here’s a detailed guide on the subjects required, APS score requirements, and additional insights for aspiring chefs.

Grade 10 Subjects Required

In Grade 10, students should choose subjects that lay the foundation for a career in culinary arts. These subjects include:

  • Hospitality Studies: This is the most relevant subject, providing basic knowledge and skills in food preparation, service, and hospitality industry standards.
  • Consumer Studies: This subject covers essential topics like nutrition, meal planning, and food science.
  • Business Studies: Understanding the basics of business can be beneficial for those who aspire to manage or own a restaurant.
  • Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy: Mathematics is important for various culinary calculations and measurements, though Mathematical Literacy can suffice for those less confident in higher-level math.
  • Life Sciences: A good understanding of biology and life sciences can be helpful, particularly in understanding nutrition and food safety.

Grade 12 Subjects Required

Continuing with these subjects into Grade 12 is crucial. At this stage, students should aim to excel in the following:

  • Hospitality Studies: Advanced skills in food preparation, presentation, and knowledge of international cuisines.
  • Consumer Studies: In-depth understanding of dietary needs, food allergies, and food preservation techniques.
  • Business Studies: Knowledge of business operations, marketing, and entrepreneurship within the hospitality sector.
  • Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy: Continued focus on mathematical skills for recipe conversions and cost calculations.
  • Life Sciences: Understanding of the biochemical aspects of food, nutrition, and health.

APS Score Requirements

For entry into most culinary schools or hospitality management programs in South Africa, students typically need to meet certain APS (Admission Point Score) requirements. These can vary, but a general guideline is:

  • Minimum APS of 20-24: This range is usually sufficient for entry into diploma or certificate programs in culinary arts or hospitality management. Specific requirements may vary by institution.
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Further Education and Training

After completing Grade 12, aspiring chefs can pursue further education at: