What Subjects are Needed to Become an Accountant in Grade 10 -Grade 12 in South Africa.

Aspiring accountants need to carefully select their subjects from Grade 10 to Grade 12 to ensure they meet the requirements for university admission and to build a strong foundation for their future studies. Here’s a detailed guide on the essential and recommended subjects for students in South Africa aiming to become accountants.

Subjects Required for Accounting Studies

Non-negotiable subject combination from grade 10 to grade 12:

  1. Mathematics Grade 10 -12:
    • Importance: Critical for accounting due to the need for strong numerical and analytical skills.
    • Requirements: Most universities require a good grade in Mathematics for admission into accounting programs. Mathematical Literacy is generally not accepted.
  2. Accounting Grade 10 -12:
    • Importance: Provides fundamental knowledge of financial principles, bookkeeping, and financial statements.
    • Requirements: Essential for building a strong foundation in accounting principles and practices.
  3. English Home Language or First Additional Language Grade 10 -12:
    • Importance: Vital for communication, report writing, and understanding complex texts and instructions.
    • Requirements: Proficiency in English is necessary for academic success and professional practice.

Recommended Subjects

  1. Business Studies Grade 10 -12:
    • Importance: Offers insights into business environments, economics, and entrepreneurship, which are closely related to accounting.
    • Requirements: While not mandatory, it complements accounting studies and enhances understanding of business contexts.
  2. Economics Grade 10 -12:
    • Importance: Provides knowledge of economic principles, market dynamics, and financial systems.
    • Requirements: Beneficial for a well-rounded understanding of the financial aspects influencing accounting.
  3. Information Technology (IT) Grade 10 -12:
    • Importance: Helps in understanding data processing, computer systems, and software applications used in accounting.
    • Requirements: Useful for developing technical skills needed in modern accounting practices.
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Academic Performance and APS Score

  • Achievement Levels: Aim for high achievement levels (60% and above) in core subjects, particularly in Mathematics and Accounting.
  • APS Score: Ensure you meet the Admission Point Score (APS) required by your chosen university. Typically, a minimum APS of around 28-34 is needed for accounting programs, with specific scores required in Mathematics and other core subjects.

To become an accountant in South Africa, students should focus on Mathematics, Accounting, and English as their core subjects from Grade 10 to Grade 12. Supplementing these with Business Studies, Economics, and Information Technology can significantly enhance your readiness for accounting programs. Remember, maintaining a strong academic record and meeting the APS requirements are crucial for your success in gaining admission to an accounting program.

For more detailed information on specific university requirements, you can check a directory of Accounting Courses offered by South African universities and colleges here.


Can You Do BCom Accounting with Maths Literacy?

In South Africa, most universities require pure Mathematics for admission into a BCom Accounting program. Maths Literacy is generally not accepted because the coursework in BCom Accounting is mathematically rigorous and requires a strong foundation in pure Mathematics.

Example Requirements:

Can You Study Accounting Without Accounting in High School?

Yes, you can study accounting at the university level without having taken Accounting in high school. While having a high school background in Accounting can be advantageous, it is not a strict requirement for admission into university accounting programs.

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Key Points:

  • Foundation Courses: Universities offer foundational accounting courses to bring all students up to speed.
  • Mathematics Requirement: A strong performance in Mathematics is crucial.

Can I Study Accounting Without Maths in South Africa?

Studying accounting without pure Mathematics is highly challenging and, in most cases, not possible for BCom Accounting programs at South African universities. Pure Mathematics is a fundamental requirement due to the analytical and quantitative nature of the accounting coursework.

Alternative Pathways:

Relevant Accounting Courses

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