Drama and acting courses are designed for individuals passionate about performing arts, offering a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical training in acting techniques, stage presence, voice modulation, and character interpretation. These programs cater to aspiring actors, directors, and theatre practitioners, providing them with the tools to hone their craft and succeed in the competitive world of theater, film, and television.

Undergraduate Courses

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Drama or Acting

  • Overview: These degree programs offer comprehensive training in various aspects of acting and theater production, including movement, voice, improvisation, script analysis, and performance studies. Students also explore the history of theater, dramatic literature, and the theoretical foundations of drama.
  • Duration: Typically three to four years of full-time study.
  • Requirements: High school diploma, often with a preference for prior experience in drama through school clubs, community theater, or other performance arts activities. Some programs may require auditions or portfolios as part of the admission process.

Conservatory Programs

  • Overview: Conservatory or academy-style programs focus intensely on developing performance skills, offering immersive training in acting techniques, voice and speech, movement, and on-camera acting. These programs are highly practical and often include opportunities to perform in live theater productions or film projects.
  • Duration: Varies, typically one to three years.
  • Requirements: Strongly based on auditions, showcasing talent and potential in acting. Previous acting experience, while beneficial, is not always mandatory.

Postgraduate Courses

Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) in Acting or Drama

  • Overview: Advanced programs designed for those seeking to deepen their artistic practice or pursue careers in teaching at the collegiate level. M.F.A. programs offer specialized training in areas such as classical acting, contemporary drama, directing, and playwriting, along with opportunities for professional-level theater productions.
  • Duration: Two to three years of full-time study.
  • Requirements: A bachelor’s degree in drama, acting, or a related field. Admission typically involves an audition, interviews, and submission of a portfolio or previous work samples.

Short Courses and Workshops

  • Overview: Short-term courses and workshops focus on specific skills or aspects of acting, such as audition techniques, camera acting, voiceover work, or stage combat. These are suitable for individuals looking to enhance particular skills or explore new areas within acting.
  • Duration: Varies, from a few days to several months.
  • Requirements: Often open to all levels of experience, from beginners to seasoned actors. Some may require an audition or interview.

Online Courses

  • Overview: With advancements in technology, many institutions and platforms now offer online courses in drama and acting. These can range from theoretical courses in drama studies to practical acting workshops conducted via video.
  • Duration and Requirements: Vary widely, offering flexibility for students to learn at their own pace.

Career Prospects

Graduates can pursue a variety of career paths in the entertainment industry, including theater, film, television, voice acting, and directing. Beyond performing, careers can also be found in drama therapy, teaching, and arts administration.

Choosing the Right Course

When selecting a drama or acting course, consider the program’s focus, the faculty’s expertise, and the opportunities for practical experience, such as live performances or internships with theater companies or film studios. The reputation of the institution and the success of its alumni can also provide insights into the quality of the program and potential career pathways. Ultimately, the best program should align with your career goals and provide you with the skills and experiences necessary to advance in the field of acting and performing arts.

List of Best Drama and Acting Courses in South Africa

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