Wits University Courses and Requirements for 2025

Types of Courses Offered at Wits University

Wits University has Short-Courses, Higher Certificate Courses, Diploma Courses, Degree Courses, Honours Courses, Masters Courses, as well as Doctorate (Ph.D.) Courses and Distance Learning Courses.

Entry Requirements for Courses at Wits University

At Wits, your application’s success hinges not just on meeting the basic entry requirements but standing out in a pool of highly competitive candidates. Here’s what you need to know:

  • School-Leaving Qualifications: Wits recognizes the NSC, the National Certificate (Vocational) (NCV), and qualifications assessed by the South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute (SACAI) among others. International qualifications are also considered, so if you’re applying from outside South Africa, make sure to check how your credentials match up.
  • The National Senior Certificate (NSC) Breakdown: For a Bachelor’s degree pass, it’s not just about passing; it’s about excelling. Achieving this requires not only completing your NSC or IEB (Independent Examinations Board) but also meeting specific levels of achievement across your subjects.

Diving Deeper: The Must-Haves

  1. Mathematics vs. Mathematical Literacy: For those eyeing programmes in Commerce, Engineering, Science, and Health Sciences, Mathematics is a must. If you’re leaning towards Law, Education, or Humanities (with the exception of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology), Mathematical Literacy could work for you.
  2. Language Requirements: English is a cornerstone, required as either Home Language or First Additional Language. Your proficiency here will be a critical component of your application.
  3. Admission Points Score (APS): Wits uses a unique APS system, considering your best seven subjects (including Life Orientation, to some extent). This system helps the university assess your application holistically.
  • APS Calculation: Your APS is a tally of points based on your grades, with higher percentages earning you more points. English and Mathematics get a bit of a boost in this calculation, emphasizing their importance.

Wits APS Table: Think of this as your application’s heartbeat. The higher your scores in the critical subjects and your overall APS, the stronger your application. For instance, scoring in the 90-100% range in English and Mathematics could significantly elevate your APS.

Wits APS Table

Wits APS Table

Other Key Points:

  • Rewrites: If you’re looking to improve your Matric results, Wits considers only one upgrade/rewrite attempt. So make it count!
  • Faculty-Specific Requirements: Some faculties may ask for a bit more—whether it’s a portfolio, an audition, or additional tests. Keep an eye on those extra requirements to ensure your application is complete.
  • The Final Verdict: Remember, fulfilling the minimum entry requirements doesn’t guarantee admission. Wits has a finite number of spots, and the final selection is a mix of your academic achievements and the university’s capacity.

In essence, getting into Wits is about showcasing your academic strengths, especially in key subjects like Mathematics and English, and understanding the nuances of the APS system. Keep your application sharp, your grades higher, and your documents ready. Wishing you all the best on your journey to becoming a future Witsie!

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List of Wits University Courses and Requirements for 2025

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