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Admission requirements

Students in possession of an accredited Diploma in Architecture are eligible to apply for admission to this programme.

Selection criteria

Selection is based on the submission of a portfolio and the student’s academic record. An average mark of 60% for all third-year modules is recommended.

Purpose of the programme

The purpose of the Advanced Diploma in Architecture is to empower students with advanced practical and critical thinking skills through multi-disciplinary projects and discipline specific applications, to aid thinking and problem solving through architecture, art and design and to equip graduates with the knowledge, values and attitudes needed that contribute to the architecture profession, to address important pertinent issues through practice.

Programme structure

a) Minimum duration: one year full-time or two-years part time.
b) Maximum number of modules per year of study: full-time (four semester modules). c) Maximum number of modules per year of study: part-time

i) Year 1: Advanced Art, Design and Architecture Theory and Practice 4, 1st semester offering only Methods of Art, Design and Architecture Research 4, 1st semester offering only Art, Design and Architecture Practice 4, 1st semester offering only.

ii Year 2: Art and Design Project 4, 2nd semester offering only.

Entrance Portfolio 2021 – Advance Diploma (Art, Design and Architecture) (A7AT1Q)

As part of the selection process, you are required to submit a digital portfolio comprising of the following components:
You are required to submit the following compulsory supporting documentation:

— Detailed CV.
— A certified copy of your final third year academic results.
— A signed declaration acknowledging that the portfolio is your own work. — Include ID number or student number on all portfolio components.


Write a motivation (maximum 1 page) explaining the following:
— Why are you interested in studying the Advance Diploma.
— What is your career trajectory and what do you want to achieve with this qualification.
— Explain the type of designer that you are currently and how this qualification can contribute to your career trajectory.


— Present a portfolio consisting of your third-year or last two (2) years of industry practice-based work. YOU MAY BE INVITED TO AN INTERVIEW IF REQUIRED.

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