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BA Degree in Digital Media (Multimedia) Design at UJ

BA Degree in Digital Media (Multimedia) Design at UJ: As digital becomes more and more central to the way we live our lives, the importance of shaping digital technologies to enhance the human experience has become more evident. Whether it be through exploring new modes of storytelling or ways to engage with the world, Digital Media Design in concerned with how designers can take advantage of emerging technologies to imagine future possibilities. If you are interested in the world of people, technology, and the imagination, a degree in Digital Media Design in the Department of Multimedia is for you. In this programme, you can apply your creative powers to entertain, inform and support people’s future experiences of their worlds.

A range of technologies and products that students engage with include websites, mobile applications,
smart technologies, motion picture and video content, motion graphics, short format animation, information graphics, way finding systems and digital photography. The facilities in the department includes four computer laboratories with the latest high-end graphics computers, an audio recording suite, an animation studio and a green screen studio.

Programmes: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Arts Honours, Master of Arts in Digital Media Design and PhD (Art & Design).

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Career Opportunities

This degree prepares students for careers in the design, film, broadcast and advertising industries as; interaction designers, user experience designers, user interface designers, service designers, music video designers, multimedia animators, motion graphics designers, information designers, video editors, video compositors, digital photographers, digital media consultants and or creative directors.

Admission Requirements — BA (Digital Media Design) (B8DM3Q)

— Senior certificate or equivalent qualification with a minimum APS or M-score.
— Submission of a prescribed portfolio once the application form has been processed.

Average Point Score (APS)


A minimum APS of 23 with Mathematics or 24 with Mathematical Literacy is required to apply for the programme.

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