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Bachelor of Arts(BA) in Graphic Design Course at NWU

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Graphic Design Course at North West University (NWU), which is offered under the faculty of Humanities. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Graphic Design is a course that is offered at Potchefstroom campus of NWU.

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How long it takes to study Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Graphic Design Course at NWU

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Graphic Design Course at NWU takes the minimum of (years): 4 to complete.

Subject Requirements and APS Score

APS Score Requirements: 24 aps score

Subject requirements:

English level 5
• Selection criteria for a BA in Graphic Design include
a photo portfolio of graphics or works of art and a
skills test in practical projects, as well as an academic
record and interview

About the Humanities Faculty at NWU

Humanities is regarded as one of the oldest academic disciplines in the higher-education sector. As it includes academic fields of enquiry that focus on understanding, interpreting, communicating and producing knowledge about human experience and interaction, the field of humanities remains essential to both the higher-education sector and the corporate world.

The Faculty of Humanities at the North-West University offers students a powerful currency in today’s rapidly changing world, as we provide students with critical and intellectual skills to understand and explain human experience in a personal, cultural and social context.
In acknowledging the impact of technology on all aspects of society, our programmes foster intersection between humanities and technology in understanding, addressing and mitigating the local and global challenges facing humanity.

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