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Mechanical Engineering Diploma at Unisa: A career in Mechanical Engineering will expose you to machines, vehicles, ships or aircraft. As part of a mechanical engineering team you will become involved in design, development and manufacture of a wide variety of components and systems. You will also be exposed to and eventually be responsible for organising the running of industrial installations and/or process plants. A qualified person with sufficient experience will be able to register with the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) as a Professional Technician in this field of Engineering.

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Entry Requirements

Students must have access to a computer, printer and the necessary software for two hours per week. Also see the requirements for IT related study units. For Computer Aided Drafting I (CAD161S), students must have access to the following: Pentium 486DX (or higher) with at least 16 MB RAM, connected to printer MS Windows operating system, with AutoCAD program (Version 13 or Student Version 13). Students that have successfully completed MCP101E may apply to be exempted from MME1PRA and MME2PRA. To align the new Diploma to the Higher Education Qualifications Framework (HEQF) and the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA) documents, the curricula for Mechanical Engineering has been restructured as indicated above. Work-integrated learning (WIL) is a compulsory component towards the completion of this qualification. Students may do MCP101E and MCP201E sequentially, that is, MCP201E after MCP101E or simultaneously by registering for both modules in the same year. Please note that all practical will be conducted at Unisa Science campus, in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province. Further note that this is compulsory to all students and for all the engineering modules that require practical work in the laboratories.


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