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The South African Security Academy is an established and highly respected, dynamic, privately owned and operated company providing training to the security and private sectors with specific emphasis placed on assisting security companies to become PSIRA/SASSETA compliant. We are proud to be a BBBEE Level 1, 100% South African owned and operated company.

Online Security Courses: Grade E + D + C: The Online Training currently available is a combined course which covers the E+D+C Grades altogether.
The promo fee for this combined course is R1900.00 for (Grade E + Grade D + Grade C).
You save R795.00

Getting your PSIRA Grades Work as follows, and Grades can not be skipped you must have completed Each grade before moving on to the next:

  • E, D, C are required to be registered as a Security officer
  • E, D, C, B is required if you wish to work as a Manager or Control room Operator
  • E, D, C, B, A is required if you want to operate as an Owner or a Director of a Security Company.

Once the Learner has completed any of the PSIRA Courses via online training or Distance Learning, the Learner will need to contact one of the SA Security Academy Branches to book their practical Exam slot. Each Grade has one Pre-Test and Final Exam that must be completed (Can be done on the same day if the Learner is ready) at one of the TSASA registered Exam Centres or under the supervision of a TSASA Instructor.

To complete the online training please Visit Thinkific.com and create your user profile. Once your POP is received one of  the TSASA admins will enrol you in the course you paid for,

Each Grade will be Valid for one before the course limit expires, and the Learner will need to be ready to write the practical Exam.

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