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Tourism Development and Management Degree Course Requirements at UJ

What are the requirements to study Tourism Development and Management at the University of Johannesburg?

Admission to the Tourism Development and Management program at the University of Johannesburg requires a minimum Admission Point Score (APS) of 26 if the candidate has Mathematics or Technical Mathematics, or 28 if they have Mathematical Literacy. Applicants must have at least a 60% (Level 5) in English. For Mathematics, a minimum of 40% (Level 3) is required. Candidates with Mathematical Literacy need at least 50% (Level 4), and those with Technical Mathematics need at least 40% (Level 3).

About the Tourism Development and Management Program

The Bachelor of Tourism Development and Management degree at the University of Johannesburg is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career in the tourism industry. The program covers various aspects of tourism management, including sustainable tourism development, marketing, event management, and tourism economics. It aims to prepare students to manage and develop tourism activities, promote destinations, and improve the overall tourism experience.

Detailed Admission Requirements

  • Qualification Code: B34TOQ
  • Minimum APS: 26 with Maths/Tech Maths or 28 with Mathematical Literacy
  • Subject Requirements:
    • English: Level 5 (60%+)
    • Mathematics: Level 3 (40%+)
    • Mathematical Literacy: Level 4 (50%+)
    • Technical Mathematics: Level 3 (40%+)

Students interested in this program should demonstrate strong communication and organizational skills, as these are critical for effectively managing tourism-related activities and working with diverse groups of people.

Why Study Tourism Development and Management at UJ?

Studying Tourism Development and Management at UJ provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the tourism sector and its impact on the economy and society. Graduates are well-prepared to take on various roles within the industry, such as Travel Agent, Tour Guide, Event and Conference Organizer, and Public Relations Manager. The program also prepares students for entrepreneurial opportunities within the tourism sector, allowing them to create and manage their own tourism ventures.

UJ’s program emphasizes practical experience and industry engagement, ensuring that students gain hands-on experience through internships and partnerships with tourism organizations. This practical approach, combined with a strong theoretical foundation, ensures that graduates are ready to meet the demands of the industry and contribute to the development of sustainable tourism practices.

The diverse career opportunities available to graduates of this program include positions in travel agencies, tour operations, event management companies, marketing firms, and government tourism departments. The program also lays the groundwork for further studies and specialization in tourism and related fields, enhancing career prospects and professional development.

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