List of Plumbing Courses Offered at TVET Colleges in South Africa:

Embarking on a career in plumbing can open doors to a stable and impactful profession. Throughout South Africa, TVET colleges offer a variety of plumbing courses tailored to equip students with both practical skills and essential knowledge.

Whether you’re starting with the basics at Majuba TVET College or advancing to complex systems at Mnambithi, these programs focus on real-world applications and sustainability. As one would put it, “It’s not just about fixing pipes; it’s about building systems that last.”

We’re currently compiling a comprehensive list of plumbing courses from all TVET colleges in South Africa. This guide will soon provide prospective students with a valuable resource for navigating their educational paths in the plumbing field. Stay tuned for more insights and opportunities in this essential trade.

Plumbing Courses offered at Majuba TVET College

Plumbing Courses offered at Majuba TVET College
Plumbing Courses offered at Majuba TVET College

At Majuba TVET College, the plumbing courses are meticulously crafted to equip students with a thorough understanding and practical skills necessary for the plumbing industry. These courses span from introductory to advanced levels, addressing a wide range of competencies from basic safety and tool handling to complex installations and maintenance tasks. Each course is designed to sequentially enhance the students’ skills, ensuring they are well-equipped to meet the demands of the industry. Whether you are a novice seeking fundamental knowledge or a seasoned learner aiming to specialize further, Majuba’s plumbing courses provide comprehensive training that emphasizes hands-on experience and in-depth technical insights. For more information, explore the detailed course offerings on Majuba TVET College’s official website.

  1. Basic Hand Skills starts off the training with a focused 15-day program where students learn to identify and use various hand tools. This foundational course is crucial because mastering hand tools is essential for any technical career, setting the stage for more complex tasks.
  2. Basic Welding introduces students to Gas & Arc Welding over the same 15-day period. It’s designed for beginners and provides a hands-on approach to welding, a vital skill across many industries, including automotive and construction.
  3. Boilermaking 1 and Basic Rigging offer a combined course that spans 20 days. Students will learn to draw and interpret engineering drawings, understand overhead crane signaling, and use lifting equipment. This course is vital for those interested in a career in construction or engineering, where precision and safety are paramount.
  4. Scaffolding is a shorter, 5-day course focused on the practical skills needed to erect, use, and dismantle scaffolding equipment safely. It’s tailored for workers in construction, providing them with the knowledge to handle essential equipment safely and efficiently.
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The Plumbing courses at Majuba TVET College are comprehensive and increase in complexity and duration with each level.

  • Plumbing 1, is a 20-day intensive that covers everything from basic safety and loss control to more complex tasks like installing fire fighting equipment and conducting repairs on high pressure mains lines. It’s designed to give students a solid foundation in plumbing within the building industry.
  • Plumbing 2, Plumbing 3, and Plumbing 4 build on this foundation.

Each of these courses takes the skills learned in the previous level further, with durations of 20, 25, and 30 days respectively. They cover advanced topics such as the recognition and installation of soil and waste systems, setting and determining levels, excavation, and building manholes. Each subsequent course not only increases in skill level but also in the complexity of projects and repairs, including blockage removal and the installation of different pipe systems.

For further information or inquiries about the courses at Majuba TVET College, you can reach out to their central office with the following contact details:

  • Phone: 034 326 4888
  • Fax: 034 326 4889
  • Address: 83 Allen Street, Newcastle, 2940
  • Mail: Private Bag X6602, Newcastle, 2940
  • Website:

Whether you’re interested in registering for a course or need more specific details about the curriculum, the staff at Majuba TVET College will be able to provide all the necessary assistance.

Plumbing Skills Course at Thekwini TVET College, Melbourne Campus

Plumbing Skills Course at Thekwini TVET College, Melbourne Campus
Plumbing Skills Course at Thekwini TVET College, Melbourne Campus

Thekwini TVET College’s Melbourne Campus offers a comprehensive plumbing program that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience.

Introduction to Plumbing Basics

The course begins with Introduction to Plumbing Basics, focusing on the essential tools, materials, and safety protocols necessary for the industry.

Intermediate Plumbing Techniques

As students progress, they enter the Intermediate Plumbing Techniques stage, where they engage in practical training on residential and commercial plumbing systems. This segment is designed to enhance their problem-solving skills and efficiency.

Advanced Plumbing Systems

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For those aiming higher, the Advanced Plumbing Systems offers training in complex installations like hydronic heating and sustainable plumbing solutions. This level prepares students for supervisory roles or to start their own plumbing businesses.

Throughout the program, emphasis is placed on adhering to building codes and understanding the business aspects of plumbing, ensuring graduates are well-rounded professionals ready to enter the workforce.

Plumbing Course at Lovedale TVET College

Plumbing Course at Lovedale TVET College
Plumbing Course at Lovedale TVET College

Lovedale TVET College offers a structured plumbing program under their Civil Engineering – Plumbing (N1 – N3) courses, aimed at students interested in the building industry. The program is structured to take students through from N1 to N3 level, each providing a step-up in complexity and understanding. You can explore more details about the program on their official course page.

The course starts with N1 level, which covers the basics of plumbing and related trades. Admission to this level requires at least a Grade 9 education, AET Level 4, or a General Education and Training Certificate (GETC), with options for RPL assessment to match qualifications to the required levels.

For N2 and N3 levels, students must progressively complete the previous levels or have equivalent qualifications. These advanced levels delve deeper into technical aspects and prepare students for more complex tasks and potential leadership roles in the plumbing sector.

The program’s structure is designed to provide foundational knowledge and then build on it with more specific and technical skills. Each level runs for approximately 12 weeks, making the entire course concise yet comprehensive.

For more information or to make inquiries about the programs offered at Lovedale TVET College, you can contact them using the following details:

  • Telephone: 087 238 2223
  • Physical Address: 1 Amatola Row, King William’s Town
  • Postal Address: PO Box 2156, King William’s Town, 5600
  • Website:

Whether you need details about course registration, specific programs, or other services, the team at Lovedale TVET College is ready to assist you.

Civil Engineering: Plumbing at Mnambithi TVET College

Civil Engineering: Plumbing at Mnambithi TVET College

Mnambithi TVET College offers a robust Civil Engineering program that includes specializations in Plumbing, Bricklaying, and Plastering from N1 to N6 levels. The program is well-structured, starting with the basics in N1 and progressively moving towards more advanced topics and practical skills by N6. The comprehensive curriculum prepares students for various roles in civil engineering and construction.

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Course Structure:

  • N1 – N3 Levels: These initial levels focus on foundational subjects such as Building Science, Building Drawing, and Mathematics. Specialized subjects like Bricklaying and Plastering Trade Theory, along with Plumbing Theory, are introduced early to give students a practical grounding in these trades. Entry into N1 requires at least a Grade 10 pass in Mathematics and Physical Science, and it’s preferable for students to be working in a relevant industry. For N3, a Grade 12 pass with the same subjects is needed.
  • N4 – N6 Levels: Building upon the foundations, these levels cover advanced topics like Building and Structural Surveying, Construction, and Quantity Surveying. N4 to N6 also introduce Building Administration, aligning theoretical knowledge with the administrative aspects of civil engineering projects.

Course Duration and Registration:

  • The full diploma course spans three years, comprising 9 months of theory and 24 months of practical experience through a learnership. Students can register for these courses in three annual trimesters—January, May, and September.

Career Opportunities:

  • Graduates from this program can look forward to careers in various fields within civil engineering, such as Structural Engineering, Surveying Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, and Environmental Engineering, among others. The program’s comprehensive approach ensures that students not only learn the technical aspects of plumbing and construction but also understand the engineering principles applicable to large-scale infrastructure projects like dams, bridges, and transportation systems.

For more details about enrollment and specific requirements, interested individuals can contact Mnambithi TVET College directly at +27 36 631 0360 or via email at This program is ideally suited for individuals seeking a thorough educational pathway into the building and civil engineering industries, equipped with practical and theoretical skills.