Can you Apply at Universities with Grade 12 Term 1 Results?

No, you cannot apply at universities with Grade 12 Term 1 results. Applicants who are currently in Grade 12 must typically submit their final Grade 11 results for initial consideration. Some universities may consider Grade 12 June results for applications; however, it’s essential to confirm directly with the institutions you’re interested in. This article will outline the general approach to applying to universities with your academic results.

Understanding Application Requirements

  • Final Grade 11 Results: Most universities require final Grade 11 marks for initial applications from current Grade 12 students.
  • Grade 12 June Results Consideration: A few institutions might consider Grade 12 mid-year results, but this varies by university.

Examples of Application Processes

  • University of Pretoria: Requires final Grade 11 results for initial application from Grade 12 students.
  • Rhodes University: Similar to other institutions, Rhodes accepts Grade 11 final marks for early application stages.
  • Wits University: Offers provisional acceptance based on Grade 11 final results, with confirmation upon receipt of the final Grade 12 certificate.

Confirming University Policies

  • Direct Contact: Reach out to the admissions offices of the universities you’re interested in for the most accurate and updated information.
  • University Websites: Check the official websites of each institution for detailed application guidelines and requirements.

Alternative Paths and Considerations

  • Provisional Admission: Some universities offer provisional admission based on your final Grade 11 results, with the expectation of receiving your completed Grade 12 certificate.
  • Scholarship Applications: Early application with Grade 11 results can also be strategic for scholarship opportunities, even though Grade 12 June results might be considered later in the process.
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While Grade 12 Term 1 results are not typically accepted for university applications, your final Grade 11 results play a crucial role in the early stages of the application process. Confirming the specific requirements and considerations of each institution remains a vital step in successfully navigating your university application journey.