CAPS Annual Teaching Plans 2024 (ATPS) Directory pdf download.

Welcome to the “CAPS Annual Teaching Plans 2024 (ATPs) Directory” This page offers educators across South Africa a set of structured resources to enhance their planning and teaching strategies throughout the academic year. The Annual Teaching Plans available here cover all four terms—Term 1, Term 2, Term 3, and Term 4—and are essential for preparing lessons, assessments, tests, and examinations.

These ATPs, provided by the Department of Basic Education, align with the CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement) standards. They are divided into three educational phases: ATPs Foundation Hhase 2024, Intermediate Phase, and the Further Education and Training Phase (FET). Each plan is designed to support educators in delivering a consistent and comprehensive educational experience, ensuring that all specified learning objectives and curriculum goals are effectively met.

Educators teaching in the Foundation Phase, guiding students in the Intermediate Phase, or preparing matriculants in the FET Phase will find these plans invaluable. Download the appropriate PDFs to ensure thorough preparation for the upcoming school year, enhancing the ability to foster student success effectively.

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2024 ATPs

FET Phase ATPs 2024 PDF Download

Grade 12 ATPs

Grade 11 ATPs

Grade 10 ATPs

Senior Phase ATPs 2024 PDF Download

Grade 9 ATPs

Grade 8 ATPs

Grade 7 ATPs

Intermediate Phase ATPs 2024 PDF Download

Grade 6 ATPs

Grade 5 ATPs

Grade 4 ATPs

ATPs Foundation Phase 2024 PDF Download

Grade 3 ATPs

Grade 2 ATPs

Grade 1 ATPs

Grade R ATPs