On this page, you will find a list of courses that don’t require maths (mathematics) at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). There are plenty of courses at UJ that South African students can apply for without even high grades in mathematics and mathematics literacy. Most of these courses are found in the humanities and education fields of studies.

List of the Courses that don’t require Mathematics at UJ

Let’s explore some of the courses at UJ where mathematics is not a mandatory requirement.

BEd Degree in Senior Phase and FET (Life Orientation/Psychology):

This course focuses on preparing educators and mentors who will guide students in life skills and psychological well-being. Mathematics isn’t essential here because the curriculum centers more on understanding human behavior, emotional intelligence, and life skills, which are more related to social sciences than mathematical concepts.

BEd Degree in Senior Phase and FET (Language Education):

For those who love languages, this course is about teaching and understanding different languages – an area where linguistic skills are more important than numerical ability. The emphasis is on language proficiency, pedagogy, and cultural understanding rather than mathematical skills.

Diploma in Public Relations and Communication:

This diploma is designed for future PR professionals. It’s all about crafting messages, understanding media, and communicating effectively. These skills require creativity, excellent verbal and written communication abilities, and an understanding of human psychology and media trends, rather than mathematical knowledge.

Diploma in Public Relations and Communication – Extended:

Similar to the regular diploma, this extended version provides additional time to hone communication and PR skills. It focuses more on developing strategic thinking, creative skills, and a deep understanding of media, which doesn’t necessitate a background in mathematics.

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Bachelor of Social Work:

Social work is about understanding societal issues, providing support and counseling to individuals, and working towards societal betterment. It requires empathy, ethical understanding, and knowledge of social structures, rather than mathematical skills.

Bachelor of Arts (BA):

The classic BA offers a broad spectrum of humanities and social sciences subjects. These fields typically emphasize critical thinking, analysis, and creative expression, where mathematical ability is not the primary focus.

BA with Specialisation in Language Practice:

Specializing in language practice involves skills in linguistics, translation, and effective communication. It’s about mastering languages and their applications, which relies more on linguistic intelligence than on mathematical ability.

Bachelor of Community Development and Leadership:

This course is aimed at developing leaders who can drive positive changes in communities. It requires an understanding of social dynamics, leadership skills, and community engagement strategies, not mathematical calculations.

BA with Specialisations in Linguistics – Extended, Linguistics and Language Practice – Extended, Strategic Communication – Extended:

These extended programs delve deeper into language, communication, and media studies. They emphasize understanding language structures, communication theories, and media strategies rather than quantitative analysis or mathematical problem-solving.

Each of these courses at UJ is designed with a specific focus that values skills and knowledge areas other than mathematics. They cater to students whose strengths and interests lie in areas such as languages, social sciences, and creative fields.

What Can I Study Without Maths at UJ
What Can I Study Without Maths at UJ


What Can I Study Without Maths at UJ?

The University of Johannesburg offers a variety of courses that don’t require Maths. These include degrees in the arts, humanities, education, and social sciences. Some examples are Bachelor of Arts in various specializations, Bachelor of Education in Senior Phase and Further Education and Training, Bachelor of Social Work, and Diplomas in Public Relations and Communication.

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Which Courses Don’t Require Maths?

Courses that typically don’t require Maths are those focused on humanities, arts, social sciences, and certain management and education fields. This includes degrees like Bachelor of Arts in various specializations, Bachelor of Social Work, and Bachelor of Education, as well as diplomas in fields like Public Relations.

What is the Lowest APS Score at UJ?

The lowest Admission Point Score (APS) for entry into UJ varies depending on the course. Some courses may accept students with an APS as low as 20, but this can vary widely between different programs. It’s important to check the specific requirements for each course.

Can You Be Accepted at a University Without Maths?

Yes, you can be accepted into a university without Maths, depending on the course you choose. Many universities, including UJ, offer courses that do not require Maths as part of their admission criteria, particularly in fields not related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

Can I Study Law at UJ Without Maths?

Yes, you can study law at UJ without Maths. The Bachelor of Laws (LLB) program at UJ does not list Maths as a prerequisite – both students from pure Maths as well as Maths Literacy are welcome to apply. The focus is more on subjects that develop your analytical and comprehension skills, like English. However, a strong academic record and meeting other specific requirements are important for admission into the law program.

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