This page details the courses at the Central University of Technology (CUT) that require an Admission Point Score (APS) between 22 and 30 points. Understanding the APS requirements is crucial for prospective students aiming to enroll in various programs at CUT.

APS Score Requirements at CUT

To be eligible for admission at CUT, a candidate must achieve a minimum of 27 APS points on the CUT scoring scale. Detailed information on how these points are calculated can be found in the section below, which outlines the weight of each score according to the respective percentages achieved in NSC subjects.

How to Calculate Your APS Score at CUT

The APS is calculated based on the following percentage ranges and their corresponding point values:

  • 30 – 39%: 2 points
  • 40 – 49%: 3 points
  • 50 – 59%: 4 points
  • 60 – 69%: 5 points
  • 70 – 79%: 6 points
  • 80 – 89%: 7 points
  • 90 – 100%: 8 points

English proficiency is essential, as it is the language of learning and teaching (LoLT) at CUT. A minimum of 50% in English (Home Language or First Additional Language) is required.

For more information on the programs offered and additional admissions details, please visit CUT’s official website.

What Happens If Your Score Is Lower Than 27 at CUT?

Candidates who meet the minimum subject requirements but score below 27 points (e.g., 22 or 25) may still be considered for admission if there is available space in the desired program. Applicants scoring between 22 – 26 points may be required to undergo a selection test.

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CUT does not admit students with an APS of 21 points or less.

Courses Requiring Lower APS Scores at CUT

Certain courses at CUT, particularly within the Humanities, have lower APS requirements, generally around 27 points. These include:

  • Design and Studio Art (27 APS Points)
  • Language Practice and Media Studies (27 APS Points)
  • Teacher Education in various specializations such as:
  • Computer Science (27 APS Points)
  • Economic and Management Sciences (27 APS Points)
  • Languages (27 APS Points)
  • Mathematics (27 APS Points)
  • Natural Sciences (27 APS Points)
  • Technology (27 APS Points)

Upon completing a three-year national diploma in these courses, students may, with departmental approval, proceed to a fourth year to pursue a Baccalaureus Technologiae and/or Bachelor’s degree. Certain programs also offer an exit opportunity at the certificate level.

This comprehensive guide aims to assist you in understanding the APS requirements and available courses at CUT that fall within the 22 to 30 points range, helping you navigate your application and selection process effectively.