Is 40% a pass at TUT?

No, 40% is not a passing grade at Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). The minimum passing grade at TUT generally starts at 50%.

Understanding the Grading System at TUT

TUT, like many universities in South Africa, requires a minimum of 50% to pass most courses. This threshold can vary depending on the specific requirements of different faculties or courses. For example, more stringent courses might require a higher minimum grade to pass. It’s important for students to familiarize themselves with the specific grading policies of their courses and faculties.

Importance of Meeting Academic Standards

Meeting the minimum required pass mark is crucial not only for course progression but also for maintaining good academic standing within the university. Falling below the required pass rate can lead to academic probation or other consequences that may affect a student’s educational trajectory. Therefore, striving to exceed the minimum pass mark is advisable to ensure a smooth academic journey and access to more opportunities, such as scholarships or selection for special projects.

Always check your faculty’s guidelines and stay informed about the grading criteria that apply to your specific course or program.

TUT Supplementary examination

Students at TUT who achieve an overall final mark of 50% or more but fail to meet the minimum exam mark requirement in their courses are given a chance to sit for a supplementary examination. This policy is designed to offer students an additional opportunity to demonstrate their competence in a subject they might have narrowly failed.

Criteria for Supplementary Exams

  • Theory Modules/Subjects: A student must achieve an overall course mark of at least 50% but have scored less than 40% in the examination component.
  • Practical Subjects: The criteria remain similar, with the exception that the examination mark must be less than 50% for the student to qualify for a supplementary exam.