Nursing Requirements at Wits

The University of the Witwatersrand (Wits) offers comprehensive nursing programs through its renowned Faculty of Health Sciences. For those considering a career in nursing, understanding the admission requirements and selection criteria is crucial. Here’s a quick guide to the nursing requirements at Wits:

Prospective students must have achieved the following in their National Senior Certificate (NSC):

  • English Home Language or First Additional Language: Minimum Level 4
  • Mathematics: Minimum Level 4
  • Life Sciences and/or Physical Sciences: Minimum Level 4

Composite Index (CI) Score

The Faculty of Health Sciences uses a Composite Index (CI) score for applicant selection. This score is based on:

  1. Matric Results (60% weighting):
    • Five subjects are considered: English, Mathematics, best of Physical Sciences or Life Sciences, and the two best other subjects.
    • The percentage achieved in each subject is used rather than the symbol.
  2. National Benchmark Test (NBT) Scores (40% weighting):
    • The average of the NBT scores contributes to the final CI score.
    • All applicants must write the NBT, which should be completed by August 11.

Additional Information on NBT

  • Validity: NBT results are valid for three years, and Wits considers only the first attempt of the most recent year’s results.
  • Exceptions:
    • Applicants to the Graduate Entry Medical Programme (GEMP) or Graduate Entry Physiotherapy Programme (GEPP), and those in their final year of or holding a bachelor’s degree, do not need to write the NBT.

Further information about NBT test dates and registration is available at

To explore the Wits nursing program and its application process in detail, visit the Faculty of Health Sciences at or check the course finder at Nursing at Wits.

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Increasing Your Chances of Getting Accepted to Nursing at Wits

Getting accepted into a competitive program like nursing at Wits requires strategic preparation and understanding of what makes a strong application. Here are some factual and practical tips to improve your chances:

1. Meet Academic Requirements

  • NSC Grades: Ensure your NSC grades meet or exceed the minimum requirements (Level 4 in English, Mathematics, and Life Sciences or Physical Sciences).
  • Additional Courses: Take additional science courses or healthcare-related subjects if available, as these can strengthen your foundational knowledge.

2. Excel in the NBT

  • Prepare Thoroughly: Practice past National Benchmark Test (NBT) papers and take preparatory courses if available.
  • Early Registration: Register and write the NBT by the stipulated date (August 11) to avoid delays or missed opportunities.
  • First Attempt: Perform well in your first attempt since Wits only considers the most recent attempt.

3. Optimize the Composite Index (CI) Score

  • Focus on Key Subjects: Prioritize achieving strong results in English, Mathematics, and the best of Life Sciences/Physical Sciences.
  • Maximize NBT Scores: Perform well in all sections of the NBT to boost the 40% weight in the CI score.

4. Gain Relevant Experience

  • Volunteering: Volunteer at healthcare facilities to gain insights into nursing and demonstrate commitment.
  • Healthcare Certificates: Obtain certifications like CPR, basic first aid, or other relevant healthcare training.

5. Craft a Strong Application

  • Personal Statement: Write a clear, compelling personal statement highlighting your passion for nursing and relevant experiences.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Obtain strong recommendations from teachers or professionals who can vouch for your aptitude and work ethic.
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6. Seek Guidance and Support

  • School Counselors: Utilize high school or career counselors to guide your application process.
  • Alumni Network: Reach out to Wits nursing alumni to gain insights and tips on successful applications.

Final Thoughts

Applying to nursing at Wits requires careful preparation and a strategic approach. By focusing on academic excellence, maximizing your Composite Index score, gaining relevant experience, and crafting a strong application, you can significantly improve your chances of securing a spot. Remember, “Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”