What are the requirements for a condoned pass at TVET College?

The specific requirements for a condoned pass at TVET Colleges are the following:

  1. Minimum Performance Level: The student must usually be close to the passing mark. For instance, the Department will condone scores of 38% and 39% in Report 191 programs to a pass symbol, provided it is the only subject the student failed and all other subjects are passed.
  2. Application Process: An application to the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) is necessary to verify and approve the condonement.
  3. Attendance and Conduct: The student must generally have good attendance and conduct records. Colleges are more likely to condone a pass for a student who has demonstrated commitment and effort throughout the course.
  4. Maximum Number of Condoned Passes: There may be a limit to the number of modules or subjects that can be condoned throughout the duration of the study.
  5. Completion of Prerequisites: In cases where sequential knowledge is necessary (e.g., advanced courses relying on foundational knowledge), a condoned pass might be less likely unless the student can demonstrate readiness for advanced topics.
  6. Impact on Further Studies or Certification: The decision to grant a condoned pass might also consider whether it will adversely affect the student’s future studies or qualification.

For detailed guidance and the procedure to apply for a condoned pass, it’s best to consult the specific TVET college’s academic policy or speak directly with an academic advisor or the examination office at the institution.

In TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) colleges in South Africa, a “condoned pass” generally refers to a situation where a student who has not met all the pass criteria for a subject or module is allowed to progress to the next level or graduate under specific circumstances.