Are you keen to study at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), one of South Africa’s premier tertiary institutions? With its competitive entry requirements, getting into UJ is no walk in the park. But what if you have an APS score of 18 or 19? Worry not; UJ has got you covered with specialised diploma courses that not only match your APS but also offer rewarding career prospects.


  1. High Competition: The University of Johannesburg (UJ) is one of the most sought-after institutions in South Africa. Due to the high volume of applications, an adequate APS score alone may not secure a spot, especially in popular courses where competition is fierce.
  2. Subject Requirements: Some programmes at UJ have specific subject prerequisites in addition to the APS score. For instance, a course in engineering may require a certain grade in Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Failing to meet these additional subject requirements could result in not gaining admission.
  3. Limited Spots: Each course has a set number of available spaces. Even if many applicants have the necessary APS score or higher, not all will be admitted due to space limitations.
  4. Additional Assessments: Certain faculties may require additional evaluations like portfolio submissions, auditions, or entrance tests. These assessments could weigh as heavily as, or even more than, your APS score in the admission decision.
  5. Holistic Evaluation: UJ, like many modern universities, considers a range of factors for admission, not just academic scores. Aspects like extracurricular achievements, leadership qualities, and personal statements may also be evaluated as part of the selection process.
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It’s crucial to consider these variables and not rely solely on meeting the APS score requirements when aiming for admission to UJ.

18 and 19 APS Score Courses at the University of Johannesburg

If you have an APS score of 18 or 19 and are aiming to study at the University of Johannesburg (UJ), you still have good options. Specifically, you can consider applying for a range of specialised diploma courses such as the Diploma in Jewellery Design with an APS score of 18 or the Diplomas in Small Business Management, Transportation Management, and Sport Management, each requiring an APS score of 19. These programmes are designed to offer you practical skills and academic knowledge in their respective fields, providing you with viable pathways for a rewarding career.

Diploma in Jewellery Design (APS Score: 18)

Have you ever been fascinated by the intricacies of jewellery design and wondered how you could turn that interest into a thriving career? UJ’s Diploma in Jewellery Design could be your golden ticket. With an APS score requirement of just 18, this course delves into the art and business of jewellery creation, offering a blend of practical skills and academic knowledge. The programme equips you to design and create exquisite pieces that can capture both attention and market demand.

Small Business Management Diploma (APS Score: 19)

Entrepreneurship is the backbone of any economy, and South Africa is no exception. If you’re aspiring to be a small business owner or manager, the Diploma in Small Business Management at UJ is tailor-made for you. With an APS score of 19, you can enrol in this course that covers crucial elements like finance, marketing, and business strategy. It’s a comprehensive training ground for those who want to venture into the exciting realm of startups and SMEs.

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Transportation Management Diploma (APS Score: 19)

The transport sector is a critical part of South Africa’s economic infrastructure. This diploma programme at UJ is for those who want to be part of this ever-evolving industry. Required APS? Only 19! The Transportation Management Diploma tackles subjects like logistics, supply chain management, and regulatory compliance, offering an in-depth understanding of the world of transport.

Sport Management Diploma (APS Score: 19)

If you’re passionate about sports and looking to channel that enthusiasm into a fulfilling career, UJ’s Diploma in Sport Management might be what you’ve been searching for. With a modest APS score of 19, this programme could be your stepping stone into the burgeoning field of sport management in South Africa. The course covers sports administration, event planning, and even sports psychology.

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In conclusion, having an APS score of 18 or 19 doesn’t limit your academic or career prospects, especially if you consider the University of Johannesburg. These diploma courses offer not just education but also an avenue for you to explore, thrive, and contribute to diverse sectors. So go ahead and take that leap towards fulfilling your academic dreams at UJ.