Guide to Applying to Alta du Toit School for 2025

Alta du Toit School, established 55 years ago, is deeply committed to providing specialized education for severely intellectually disabled learners. Located in Kuils River, the school is designed to nurture and develop each child to their fullest potential, emphasizing a practical curriculum that prepares students for independent living.

Educational Philosophy and Curriculum

At Alta du Toit, the curriculum is tailored to nurture not only academic skills but also practical life skills. The school operates on an innovative 80% practical and 20% theoretical teaching model. Here, students engage in activities ranging from woodwork and hospitality to fundamental personal care and financial skills, ensuring they are well-equipped for life beyond school.

The curriculum is divided into several phases, each carefully structured to meet the developmental needs of the students:

  • Foundation Phase: Focuses on creativity, basic life skills, and functional literacy and numeracy.
  • Intermediate Phase: Builds on foundational skills with more specific practical tasks aimed at preparing students for the senior and vocational phases.
  • Senior Phase: Integrates practical life skills with academic learning, adapting content to meet individual learner capabilities.
  • Vocational Phase: Concentrates on refining skills for independence and employment, with opportunities for job shadowing and real-world experience.

Application Process for 2025

To apply to Alta du Toit School, follow these detailed steps to ensure a smooth enrollment process for your child:

  1. Initial Contact: Reach out to the school to express interest and gather information about the application timeline and requirements. Contact details are as follows:
  2. School Visit: Arrange a visit to the school to better understand the environment and services offered. This is crucial for parents and guardians to feel confident in the school’s ability to meet their child’s needs.
  3. Obtain Application Forms: Application forms can be downloaded from the school’s website or picked up in person at the school’s administration office.
  4. Complete the Application: Fill out the application form carefully, ensuring all information is accurate. Attach all required documentation, which may include:
    • Medical reports detailing the learner’s disability and needs.
    • Recent academic reports, if applicable.
    • Proof of residence.
    • Birth certificate of the learner.
  5. Submit the Application: Return the completed application along with all supporting documents to the school’s administration office. Ensure that you keep a copy for your records.
  6. Admission Review Process: The school will review applications based on the needs of the learners and the capacity of the school to provide appropriate support. This process may also include interviews or assessments to better understand the needs of your child.
  7. Notification of Acceptance: If your child is accepted, you will receive a formal notification from the school, and further instructions will be provided regarding school fees, uniform requirements, and start dates.
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Special Programs and Activities

Alta du Toit School is not only focused on academics but also offers a variety of sports, cultural events, and recreational activities. Highlights include a marimba band and a clown program, which not only entertain but also serve as therapeutic and skill-building activities for the students.

Address: Piet Fransman St, Rouxville, Cape Town, 7580

Applying to Alta du Toit School means choosing a path that focuses on comprehensive development for children with severe intellectual disabilities, ensuring they receive the necessary skills to thrive independently. By following the outlined application process and engaging with the school’s community, parents can help pave the way for their children’s successful integration into society.