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On this page, you will be able to download the University of the Free State (UFS) 2025 Prospectus – Undergraduate and Postgraduate: University prospectuses are used as a guide to provide prospective students with information about the university and the courses it offers.

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Download University of the Free State (UFS) 2025 Prospectus in pdf format:


2025 UFS Undergraduate Prospectus

2025 UFS Postgraduate Prospectus

The UFS 2025 Prospectus serves as a comprehensive guide for students who aspire to join the University of the Free State (UFS) for the academic year 2025. Designed with future undergraduates and postgraduates in mind, this prospectus details the academic journey awaiting students at UFS, offering a deep dive into the university’s array of programs, services, and the essential admission criteria required for each course of study. As an integral part of the application process, the UFS 2025 Prospectus not only informs but also prepares applicants for the exciting opportunities that lie ahead in their academic career.

Key Highlights:

  • Purpose and Audience: The UFS 2025 Prospectus is meticulously crafted for prospective undergraduate students planning to embark on their higher education journey at UFS starting in 2025. It aims to furnish these students with crucial information about the academic programs and support services available at the university.
  • Content Overview: This prospectus encompasses a wide array of vital details, including but not limited to:
    • Descriptions of academic programs offered.
    • Minimum admission requirements for each program.
    • A summary of the university’s facilities and student support services.
  • Admission Criteria and Requirements: Prospective students must meet specific program and faculty requirements to be eligible for selection. These criteria are clearly outlined in the prospectus to guide applicants through the application process.
  • Updates and Amendments: While the UFS 2025 Prospectus is prepared with the utmost care to ensure accuracy and relevance, prospective students should note that changes may occur. These changes could stem from policy adjustments, academic advancements, or requirements set by accrediting bodies. UFS commits to keeping the information as current as possible.
  • Program Availability: It is important to note that the offering of certain programs is contingent upon receiving a sufficient number of applications. This ensures that the academic environment is conducive to both teaching and learning.
  • Commitment to Service Provision: UFS is dedicated to delivering the services and programs as described in the prospectus. However, unforeseen circumstances might affect the availability of these offerings. In such events, UFS promises to minimize disruptions and adapt to ensure the continued provision of quality education.
  • Rights Reserved: The university reserves the right to amend admission requirements and, if necessary, adjust the availability of certain programs. Applicants and current students will be informed well in advance about any such changes.