College of Cape Town Courses and Requirements:

Students looking to jumpstart their careers or enhance their skills should seriously consider the College of Cape Town. This institution not only offers a diverse array of programs across technical trades, creative arts, and business management, but it also emphasizes practical experience, ensuring students are job-ready upon graduation. Whether you’re interested in becoming a certified electrician with the N1-N3 Electrical Engineering courses or you dream of unleashing your creative potential through the N4-N6 Art & Design program, the college provides both the foundational knowledge and the hands-on training needed to succeed in today’s competitive job market.

Moreover, the College of Cape Town stands out for its commitment to international standards, particularly evident in its Beauty Therapy and Hairdressing programs, which offer ITEC and SAQA-accredited qualifications respected globally. This alignment with international benchmarks not only raises the employability of graduates but also opens doors for them to work anywhere in the world. Students benefit from state-of-the-art facilities and a teaching staff that is both experienced and passionate about student success, making the college a top choice for anyone looking to forge a path in industries like hospitality, information technology, or engineering.

Guide to College of Cape Town Courses and Requirements

Here’s a detailed guide to some of the popular courses offered at the College of Cape Town along with their admission requirements:

1. Art & Design

  • Qualifications: National Certificates N4-N6 (leads to a diploma)
  • Location: City Campus
  • Specializations: Graphic design, photography, graphic processes
  • Requirements:
    • N4: Intro N4 or Grade 12
    • N5: N4 Certificate
    • N6: N5 Certificate
    • Diploma: N6 Certificate + 2,000 hours of practical experience (logged in a prescribed logbook)
  • Course Link: Art & Design at CCT

2. Beauty Therapy ITEC Diploma Level 2, 3 & 5

  • Accreditation: International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC)
  • Requirements:
    • Level 2: Grade 9 or equivalent
    • Level 3: Passed ITEC Level 2
    • Level 5: Passed ITEC Level 3
    • Additional: Physical fitness and suitable personality profile
  • Course Link: Beauty Therapy at CCT
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3. Engineering Studies (National Certificates N1-N3)

  • Fields: Building and Civil Engineering
  • Requirements:
    • N1: Grade 11 with Mathematics > 50%
    • N2: N1 or equivalent
    • N3: N2 or equivalent
  • Course Link: Engineering Studies at CCT

4. Business Management (National Certificates N4-N6)

  • Focus: Entrepreneurship
  • Requirements:
    • Minimum: Grade 12 or equivalent
    • Recommended: Business Studies and English average > 45%
  • Duration: 6 months per level full-time, 18 months practical experience
  • Enrollment: January and July
  • Course Link: Business Management at CCT

5. Electrical Engineering (National Certificates N1-N3)

  • Specializations: Heavy and Light Current
  • Requirements:
    • N1: Minimum of Grade 11 with Mathematics > 50%
    • N2: N1 or equivalent
    • N3: N2 or equivalent
  • Apprenticeship: Placement through college or registered with a company
  • Course Link: Electrical Engineering at CCT

6. Hairdressing (National Certificate Level 2 – 3)

  • Further Education: Training Certificate Level 4
  • Requirements:
    • Personality profile suitable for Hairdressing
    • Physical fitness
    • Salon placement for practical training
    • Assessment and interview prior to acceptance
  • Duration: 3 years full-time, 1 year per level
  • Enrollment: January
  • Course Link: Hairdressing at CCT

Each of these courses provides a blend of theoretical and practical learning, designed to prepare students for the workforce or further specialization. For more details, you can visit the respective links provided or contact the College of Cape Town directly.

All the Courses at the College of Cape Town

Here’s a comprehensive list of the courses offered at the College of Cape Town along with their respective departments:

Mechanical Engineering

  • N1 – N3 Mechanical Engineering: Focuses on various engineering subjects.
  • N4 – N6 Mechanical Engineering: For students aiming to become qualified artisans in mechanical engineering.
  • N1 – N3 Motor Mechanics: Requires at least N2 with four subjects for trade tests; apprenticeship requires N3 with Mathematics and Engineering Science marks above 50%.
  • Practical Skills Courses: Modular or unit standard based courses accredited by SETAs.
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Art & Design

  • N4 – N6 Art & Design: Specializations in graphic design, photography, or graphic processes.

Building & Civil Engineering

  • N1 – N3 Building & Civil Engineering: Covers all trades in Building and Civil-related industries.
  • N4 – N6 Building & Civil Engineering: Requires 24 months of industry experience for National N-Diploma.
  • NC(V) Civil Engineering & Building Construction: Covers a range of skills from construction to drainage and sanitation.
  • AutoCAD 2D and 3D (Part-Time): CAD programs widely used in various disciplines.

Beauty Therapy

  • BEAUTY THERAPY ITEC Diploma Level 2,3, 4 & 5: Offers internationally recognized qualifications from ITEC.

Hair Care

  • National Certificate Hairdressing L2 & 3: SAQA Qualifications accredited by DHET.
  • FET Certificate Hairdressing L4: Extends the hairdressing qualifications to a higher level.

Business Studies

  • N4 – N6 Business Management: Focuses on entrepreneurship and business management skills.
  • N4 – N6 Management Assistant: Prepares for careers in office administration and secretarial work.
  • NC(V) Finance, Economics & Accounting L2-4: For careers in the financial, economic, and accounting sectors.
  • NC(V) Management L2-4: Aims to prepare students for immediate employment in management.
  • NC(V) Marketing L2-4: Focuses on marketing skills for immediate employment.
  • NC(V) Office Administration L2-4: Prepares students for various administrative roles.
  • NC(V) Transport & Logistics L2-4: For careers in the growing sectors of transport and logistics.

Electrical Engineering

  • N1 – N3 Electrical Engineering: Covers both heavy and light current aspects.
  • NC(V) Electrical Infrastructure Construction L2-L4: Similar focus on heavy and light current.
  • N4 – N6 Electrical Engineering: A three-year program including theoretical and industry experience.
  • Electrical Engineering Accredited Skills Courses: Practical courses to enhance skills in the electrical engineering field.

Information Technology

  • Cisco IT Specialist (Cisco Academy): Provides IT networking skills through the Cisco Networking Academy.
  • Microsoft IT Academy (MSITA): Focuses on Internet Web Development & Design based on Microsoft™ certifications.
  • NC(V) IT & Computer Science L2-4: Covers software applications and basic computer networking.
  • CPUT Level 5 Higher Certificate In ICT Service Management: Prepares for IT service management careers.
  • IT Part-Time Courses: Various ICT courses available part-time or after hours.
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Education & Training

  • LEVEL 5 Higher Certificate – Early Childhood Development: Provides qualifications for ECD practitioners.
  • NC(V) Education & Development L2-4: Focuses on Early Childhood Development.
  • N4 – N6 Educare: Offers N4 to N6 Certificates and a Diploma with practical experience requirements.
  • UNISA B.Ed Degree: Foundation Phase: A four-year qualification in Pre-Primary and Primary Education.
  • LEVEL 4 Further Education & Training – Early Childhood Development: An entry-level qualification in ECD.
  • NC(V) Primary Health L2-4: Focuses on primary health care.

Hospitality & Tourism

  • N4 – N6 Tourism: A comprehensive program in the tourism sector.
  • NC(V) Travel & Tourism L2-4: Covers various aspects of tourism including tour planning and client services.
  • N4 – N6 Hospitality & Catering Services: Focuses on cookery, housekeeping, and beverage management.
  • NC(V) Hospitality Studies Level 2-4: Prepares students for roles in food preparation and service.

Additional Courses

  • Gr 12 – Amended Senior Certificate (Adults): Allows adults to complete or improve their Grade 12 results.
  • National Certificate – Furniture Making L2 & L3 (Upholstery): Provides skills for a career in furniture production focusing on upholstery.

These courses cater to a wide range of interests and career aspirations, from technical trades to creative arts and business management.