On this page you will see the courses that require lower APS score points at Wits university. Wits university is one of the universities in South Africa that prides itself of being the most appealing education institution to the top achiever students of the country. Wits university’s APS requirements are usually higher when compared with other South African universities. For example, the lowest APS score at Wits is 34. This means no learner can gain access with an APS score lower than that. The majority of Matric student has an average of 20 – 25 APS scores.

Competition is extremely high at Wits when it comes to admission. Each year, Wits has over 70 000 applicants who qualify to study, however, only 5000 is accepted.

Watch Video: Calculating your Wits APS Score

Calculating your Wits APS Score

Courses with a lower APS Score Requirements at Wits

Wits University, while known for its high academic standards, also offers several programs with lower APS score requirements, providing opportunities across various creative and specialized fields. Here’s an overview of such programs:

  • Architectural Studies: This program requires an APS score of 34+, offering a foundational understanding of architectural principles and design techniques.
  • Bachelor of Arts: A versatile degree that opens doors to numerous career paths in humanities and arts, requiring an APS score of 36+.
  • BA in Digital Arts: This course, requiring an APS score of 34+, caters to students interested in the intersection of art and digital technology, focusing on areas like animation and digital media.
  • BA in Theatre and Performance: Students passionate about theatre arts need an APS score of 34+ to delve into acting, directing, and stagecraft.
  • BA in Film and Television: For those aiming to enter the film and television industry, this program requires an APS score of 34+, focusing on production, directing, and cinematography.
  • BA in Fine Arts: Aspiring artists looking to explore various visual arts disciplines need an APS score of 34+, which allows them to develop their artistic skills and creative expression.
  • Bachelor of Music: This program is designed for students dedicated to advancing their musical talent and understanding of music theory and practice, with an APS requirement of 34+.
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These programs at Wits University, while having relatively lower APS requirements compared to other more stringent courses, still demand a substantial level of academic achievement, reflecting the university’s commitment to excellence in diverse fields of study.

WITS APS Score Guide Table

Download Wits Prospectus (with APS Score)

Download Wits Prospectus (with APS Score)