There are various Higher Certificate Courses that you can enroll and study at the University of Johannesburg (UJ) for 2024/2025.

List of Higher Certificate Courses at UJ for 2024/2025

UJ Higher Certificate Courses in Information Technology

  • UJ Higher Certificate in Information Technology: This course is a cornerstone among the UJ higher certificate courses, designed to impart foundational IT skills and knowledge. Ideal for students aiming to enter the information technology sector, it covers key areas such as software development, network administration, and information systems.

UJ Higher Certificate Courses in Legal Studies

  • UJ Higher Certificate in Criminal Justice and Forensic Investigations: A standout among legal UJ higher certificate courses, this program offers an introduction to the principles of criminal law, the criminal justice system, and forensic science. It’s tailored for individuals seeking to explore careers in law enforcement, legal studies, or forensic investigations.

UJ Higher Certificate Courses in Sport Sciences

  • UJ Higher Certificate in Sport Coaching and Exercise Sciences: This program highlights the sport sciences UJ higher certificate courses with a focus on sport coaching, fitness assessment, and exercise science. Perfect for those interested in becoming sports coaches or exercise scientists, the course offers a thorough overview of the sports industry’s practical and theoretical aspects.
  • UJ Higher Certificate in Sport Administration: Part of the sport sciences UJ higher certificate courses, this curriculum is aimed at students keen on sports management and administration. It addresses sports event management, marketing, and administration, preparing students for roles behind the scenes in the sports sector.

UJ Higher Certificate Courses in Medical Studies

  • UJ Higher Certificate in Emergency Medical Care: As an essential component of the medical UJ higher certificate courses, this program trains students for critical roles in emergency medical services. Covering emergency care procedures, patient management, and response strategies, it sets a pathway for careers in emergency care or further specialization in the field.
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UJ Higher Certificate Courses in Local Governance

  • UJ Higher Certificate in Local Governance and Management: This unique offering among UJ higher certificate courses delves into the management and governance of local government sectors. It explores areas such as public administration and local economic development, ideally suiting students looking to contribute to or further study local governance.

Marketing Higher Certificate Courses at UJ

  • Higher Certificate in Marketing and Sales: This course is a crucial part of the UJ higher certificate courses, tailored for individuals aiming to enter the marketing and sales industry. It provides foundational knowledge in marketing principles, sales techniques, and customer relations, preparing students for various roles in marketing and sales sectors.

Human Resources Higher Certificate Courses at UJ

  • Higher Certificate in Human Resource Development: Among the human resources UJ higher certificate courses, this program focuses on developing skills in human resource management and development. It covers essential HR practices, including talent management, training, and development, equipping students for careers in the human resources field.

Financial Sciences Higher Certificate Courses at UJ

  • Higher Certificate in Local Economic Development: This course stands out among the financial sciences UJ higher certificate courses. It’s designed for students interested in the economic development at the local level, offering insights into economic planning, development strategies, and sustainability principles. This program prepares students for roles in economic development and policy-making.

Management Higher Certificate Courses at UJ

  • Higher Certificate in Project Business Management: This program is one of the key management UJ higher certificate courses, focusing on project management principles and practices. It provides students with the skills needed to manage projects effectively, covering areas such as project planning, execution, and closure.
  • Higher Certificate in Risk Business Management: Another important offering in the management UJ higher certificate courses, this course equips students with knowledge in identifying, assessing, and managing risks in business settings. It’s ideal for those looking to specialize in risk management within various business environments.
  • Higher Certificate in General Business Management: This comprehensive program covers a wide range of business management topics, including strategic management, business ethics, and organizational behavior. It’s among the UJ higher certificate courses designed to provide a broad understanding of business management, suitable for individuals seeking managerial roles in various industries.
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Does UJ Offer Certificates and Short Courses (Part-time) in education?

Yes, the University of Johannesburg (UJ) offers a wide range of higher certificates and short courses in education, many of which are available part-time. These courses are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of educational professionals, focusing on various aspects of higher education, educational management, and innovative teaching methodologies. Here’s a list of some relevant courses they offer:

  • Approaches and Theories in Transformation of Higher Education: Exploring different models and theories behind the changes in higher education.
  • Development of Higher Education Systems in Africa: Study of how higher education systems have evolved across the African continent.
  • Governance, Leadership and Management in Higher Education: Focuses on the administrative and leadership aspects of managing higher education institutions.
  • Issues, Challenges and Processes in Higher Education Research: Discusses the current research challenges and methodologies in higher education.
  • Introduction to Economics of Higher Education: Provides insights into the financial and economic factors influencing higher education.
  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education: Aims to improve teaching practices and student learning experiences in higher education settings.
  • Short Learning Programme (SLP): Teaching for Learning in and for a Fast-changing World: Prepares teachers for dynamic and rapidly changing educational environments.
  • Coding and Robotics for Teachers: Equips teachers with the skills to teach coding and robotics effectively.
  • Global Citizenship & Values Education: Focuses on incorporating global citizenship and values into educational curricula.
  • VIRTUAL AND AUGMENTED REALITY IN SCIENCE TEACHING: Teaches the application of VR and AR technologies in science education.

For more specific details on how to apply, course fees, and exact content, it’s advisable to check the University of Johannesburg’s official website or directly contact their Education Faculty. They can provide up-to-date information and guidance on their educational offerings.