How to Become a Conveyancing Attorney in South Africa (Property Lawyer)?

The real estate sector in South Africa continues to thrive, which means there is a demand for conveyancing attorneys. If you are a career-driven individual who wants to study law and focus on conveyancing law, you have made an excellent choice.

In this post, you will learn more about the qualifications needed to become a conveyancing attorney in South Africa, benefits, how long it takes to complete to secure required certificates, and the academic qualifications required to become a conveyancing solicitor, as well as where to study conveyancing courses in South Africa.

Who is a Conveyancing Attorney?

Conveyancing attorneys are legal representatives who have specialised in organising the legal transfer of property deeds from the previous owner to a new owner. This means a conveyancing attorney’s legal assistance is needed to legally establish you as the rightful owner when you buy bare lands, buildings, or farms from an individual or company.

Conveyancing… explained

Essentially, it is the conveyancing attorney’s responsibility to offer legal counsel to clients, ensuring they make the best decisions during a real estate investment deal. After the property is purchased, the attorney prepares a deed and purchase documents that reflect the new owner’s name. All new documents are registered in the South African deeds registry.

How much do South African conveyancing attorneys earn annually?

Conveyancing attorneys earn a reasonable income, which is one of the significant benefits. On average, a conveyancing attorney earns about R300,000 every year. You will make a higher income when you gain more experience and clients. It is a lucrative career; as earlier mentioned, there is a demand for conveyancing attorneys in South Africa.

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Other benefits include career progression, work/life balance, and regular clients.

How you can become a Conveyancing Attorney in South Africa

Now, how to get into conveyancing? In South Africa, you will be required to obtain an LLB Degree first. And after you complete the Practice Legal training, you need to pass the Attorney Admission exam. Also, you will need to gain at least three years of practical experience as an attorney while taking the mandatory exams to become a conveyancing attorney.

Here is a list of required qualifications to become a conveyancing attorney;

  • LLB degree or equivalent certificate from a South African University
  • Graduate Diploma in Law
  • Practice Legal Training (PLT) Certification
  • Conveyancing and Notarial Practice certificate

There is no shortcut to becoming a conveyancing attorney. However, it is worth the academic experience when you eventually get your license to practice.

Where to study conveyancing in South Africa?

Recommended institutions to study Conveyancing and Notarial Courses in South Africa

The standard duration of LLB courses in the university is from four to five years. Required diploma certificate programs and other short courses last for up to three months for full-time students and six months for people who prefer to study part-time. In addition, there are practical conveyancing courses online which are available to attorneys who need to update their knowledge.

Here are some of the academic institutions and platforms that offer courses on conveyancing law;

  1. Obtain an LLB Degree from South African Universities. The best universities to study Law in South Africa are:
  2. Enroll in a specialised course in Conveyancing and Notarial Courses. The best Institutions in this regard, are:
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Thankfully, there are many courses that attorneys can enroll for on educational websites to learn all about conveyancing and notarial procedures. This is an advantage for everyone who wants to practice conveyancing law. They can take advantage of distance learning programs to achieve their dreams of becoming conveyancing attorneys.

If you are interested in obtaining certificates to become a conveyancing legal expert, you will find comprehensive courses on our website. In addition, we offer excellent distance learning academic programs, which are convenient, complete and impactful.