Richfield College Courses and Fees for 2024:

In 2024, Richfield College continues to set the benchmark for offering an extensive portfolio of courses, complemented by a transparent and structured fee system. Catering to a wide range of academic interests and professional aspirations, Richfield College courses span from the dynamic realm of Information Technology to the strategic sectors of Business and Management Sciences. Each program is carefully curated to meet the evolving demands of the industry, ensuring that students not only gain a robust educational foundation but also acquire the practical skills needed for success in their future careers.

Richfield College

Understanding the financial commitment involved in pursuing higher education is a priority for both students and their families. With this in mind, Richfield College has meticulously detailed its fees for the 2024 academic year, aiming to demystify the cost of education for prospective students. The college’s fee structure, known for its clarity and comprehensiveness, outlines all necessary payments—from application fees and registration deposits to upfront payments and flexible payment plans. This transparent approach to outlining “Richfield College fees” ensures that students can make informed financial decisions, focusing on their academic journey without the burden of unexpected financial hurdles. Richfield College’s dedication to affordability, coupled with its commitment to quality education, positions it as a leading institution for students aiming to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Richfield College Courses and Fees 2024

Faculty of Information Technology


The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is your passport to the vast and varied landscape of the IT industry. This degree is designed to offer flexibility and choice, allowing students to specialize in one of three exciting areas within the tech world. It’s structured to not only impart foundational knowledge but also to hone in on the specific skills required in your chosen field of specialization.

With a strong emphasis on practical experience, the program encourages hands-on learning through individual projects and teamwork, alongside developing essential business, communication, and presentation skills. Students are guaranteed exposure to the latest IT technologies and strategies, ensuring a well-rounded education that prepares them for the future. This degree isn’t just about learning; it’s about becoming a versatile and skilled professional ready to take on the challenges of the information technology sector.

  • Year 1
    • Application Fee: R700
    • Registration Deposit: R1,800
    • 2024 Upfront Payment (Excluding Deposit): R38,190
    • 2024 Upfront Total Payment: R39,990
    • Payment Plan Monthly Instalment (Excluding Deposit): R3,944
    • Payment Plan Total: R45,189
  • Year 2
    • Upfront Payment: R38,690
    • Upfront Total: R40,490
    • Monthly Instalment: R3,996
    • Total: R45,754
  • Year 3
    • Upfront Payment: R40,890
    • Upfront Total: R42,690
    • Monthly Instalment: R4,222
    • Total: R48,240


The Diploma in Information Technology offers a broad-based education across the expansive field of IT. Structured to provide flexibility, the program allows students to select an elective from three key areas within the IT sector, tailoring their learning to their interests and career goals. This curriculum is crafted to achieve targeted outcomes, focusing on the cultivation of both broad and specialized skills needed in each elective. It’s a pathway designed not just to educate but to equip students with the practical expertise required in the dynamic world of Information Technology.

  • Year 1
    • Application Fee: R700
    • Registration Deposit: R1,800
    • 2024 Upfront Payment (Excluding Deposit): R32,690
    • 2024 Upfront Total Payment: R34,490
    • Payment Plan Monthly Instalment (Excluding Deposit): R3,379
    • Payment Plan Total: R38,974
  • Year 2
    • Upfront Payment: R33,890
    • Upfront Total: R35,690
    • Monthly Instalment: R3,503
    • Total: R40,330
  • Year 3
    • Upfront Payment: R35,890
    • Upfront Total: R37,690
    • Monthly Instalment: R3,708
    • Total: R42,590


  • Year 1
    • Application Fee: R700
    • Registration Deposit: R1,800
    • 2024 Upfront Payment (Excluding Deposit): R25,190
    • 2024 Upfront Total Payment: R26,990
    • Payment Plan Monthly Instalment (Excluding Deposit): R2,609
    • Payment Plan Total: R30,499
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  • Year 3
    • Application Fee: R700
    • Registration Deposit: R1,800
    • 2024 Upfront Payment (Excluding Deposit): R43,190
    • 2024 Upfront Total Payment: R44,990
    • Payment Plan Monthly Instalment (Excluding Deposit): R4,458
    • Payment Plan Total: R50,839

Faculty of Business and Management Sciences (BMS)


  • Year 1
    • Application Fee: R700
    • Registration Deposit: R1,800
    • 2024 Upfront Payment (Excluding Deposit): R34,690
    • 2024 Upfront Total Payment: R36,490
    • Payment Plan Monthly Instalment (Excluding Deposit): R3,585
    • Payment Plan Total: R41,234
  • Year 2
    • Upfront Payment: R35,890
    • Upfront Total: R37,690
    • Monthly Instalment: R3,708
    • Total: R42,590
  • Year 3
    • Upfront Payment: R38,190
    • Upfront Total: R39,990
    • Monthly Instalment: R3,944
    • Total: R45,189


  • Year 1
    • Application Fee: R700
    • Registration Deposit: R1,800
    • 2024 Upfront Payment (Excluding Deposit): R17,990
    • 2024 Upfront Total Payment: R19,790
    • Payment Plan Monthly Instalment (Excluding Deposit): R1,869
    • Payment Plan Total: R22,363
  • Year 2
    • Upfront Payment: R39,690
    • Upfront Total: R41,490
    • Monthly Instalment: R4,099
    • Total: R46,884


  • Year 1
    • Application Fee: R700
    • Registration Deposit: R1,800
    • 2024 Upfront Payment (Excluding Deposit): R34,190
    • 2024 Upfront Total Payment: R35,990
    • Payment Plan Monthly Instalment (Excluding Deposit): R3,534
    • Payment Plan Total: R40,669
  • Year 2
    • Upfront Payment: R35,190
    • Upfront Total: R36,990
    • Monthly Instalment: R3,636
    • Total: R41,799
  • Year 3
    • Upfront Payment: R37,190
    • Upfront Total: R38,990
    • Monthly Instalment: R3,842
    • Total: R44,059


  • Year 1
    • Application Fee: R700
    • Registration Deposit: R1,800
    • 2024 Upfront Payment (Excluding Deposit): R18,990
    • 2024 Upfront Total Payment: R20,790
    • Payment Plan Monthly Instalment (Excluding Deposit): R1,972
    • Payment Plan Total: R23,493
  • Year 2
    • Upfront Payment: R40,690
    • Upfront Total: R42,490
    • Monthly Instalment: R4,201
    • Total: R48,014


  • Year 1
    • Application Fee: R700
    • Registration Deposit: R1,800
    • 2024 Upfront Payment (Excluding Deposit): R31,190
    • 2024 Upfront Total Payment: R32,990
    • Payment Plan Monthly Instalment (Excluding Deposit): R3,225
    • Payment Plan Total: R37,279
  • Year 2
    • Upfront Payment: R32,190
    • Upfront Total: R33,490
    • Monthly Instalment: R3,328
    • Total: R38,409
  • Year 3
    • Upfront Payment: R33,190
    • Upfront Total: R34,990
    • Monthly Instalment: R3,431
    • Total: R39,539


  • Year 1
    • Application Fee: R700
    • Registration Deposit: R1,800
    • 2024 Upfront Payment (Excluding Deposit): R26,190
    • 2024 Upfront Total Payment: R27,990
    • Payment Plan Monthly Instalment (Excluding Deposit): R2,712
    • Payment Plan Total: R31,629


  • Year 1
    • Application Fee: R700
    • Registration Deposit: R1,800
    • 2024 Upfront Payment (Excluding Deposit): R21,190
    • 2024 Upfront Total Payment: R22,990
    • Payment Plan Monthly Instalment (Excluding Deposit): R2,198
    • Payment Plan Total: R25,978

Additional Costs at Richfield College for 2024

Embarking on your educational journey at Richfield College is an exciting step toward your future career. While planning your studies, it’s crucial to consider not only tuition fees but also additional costs that might arise during your academic journey. These costs are designed to cover specific services and administrative necessities that go beyond standard tuition fees. Below, we elaborate on each category to help you plan effectively.

Transfer of Learning Modality (R3,000)

Switching between learning modalities, such as from contact learning to distance learning, incurs a fee of R3,000. This fee facilitates the administrative and logistical adjustments required to accommodate your new mode of study, ensuring a seamless transition that maintains the quality of your educational experience.

Supplementary Fee (Per Module) (R300)

Should you need to retake a module, a supplementary fee of R300 per module is charged. This cost covers the expenses associated with additional instruction, resources, and examination processes, enabling you to have another opportunity to succeed in your studies.

Remark Fee (R550)

If you believe there has been an oversight in the marking of your examination and wish for a remark, a fee of R550 is applicable. This ensures a thorough review of your exam by another academic professional, providing a fair opportunity to validate your academic performance.

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Certificate Reprint (R300)

In the event you need a duplicate of your original certificate due to loss or damage, a reprint can be obtained for R300. This service includes the production of a new certificate that meets the official standards and recognition of your achievement.

Re-Print of Academic Record (R300)

For R300, you can request a re-print of your academic record. This document is essential for various professional and educational purposes, providing a comprehensive overview of your academic performance and achievements at Richfield College.

External Academic Credit Application Fee (Per module) (R300)

Applying for academic credits based on previous studies or experiences outside of Richfield College involves a fee of R300 per module. This fee covers the evaluation process, ensuring your prior learning is appropriately assessed and credited towards your current program.

Deregistration Admin Fee (R1,600)

Deciding to deregister from a program entails an administrative fee of R1,600. This covers the cost of adjusting your academic and financial records, ensuring that your departure from the program is processed smoothly and correctly.

Account Activation Admin Fee (R3,500)

If your account requires reactivation, perhaps due to suspension or other administrative reasons, a fee of R3,500 is necessary. This fee covers the administrative efforts to reinstate your student status, allowing you to continue your education without further interruptions.

Planning for Additional Costs

Understanding these additional costs is vital for effective financial planning throughout your academic journey. While they represent potential expenses beyond tuition, they are integral to ensuring that the quality and integrity of your educational experience are maintained. Richfield College is committed to transparency regarding fees, allowing students to plan their finances with clarity and confidence. Always ensure to consult with a student advisor for the most current information and guidance tailored to your unique situation.

Richfield College, a leading institution in Information Technology (IT) education, provides students with unique opportunities beyond traditional academic qualifications. The college has expertly integrated courses facilitated by globally recognized organizations such as IBM, AWS, Cisco, Oracle, and CIMA into its curriculum, thereby equipping its students with coveted badges and certification.

About Richfield College

The incorporation of these industry-leading courses into the Richfield curriculum sparks creative thinking in students. This innovative approach allows them to expand on the taught content and apply it in unconventional ways. The courses are designed to foster a mindset of independence and solutions-driven thinking through research and the application of real-world scenarios. This immersive learning experience provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the rapidly evolving IT world.

Expansive Campuses

Richfield College boasts of an impressive number of campuses across South Africa, which are well-equipped to deliver world-class IT education. Students can opt to study at the Umhlanga Campus, Bryanston Campus, Cape Town Campus, Centurion Campus, Newtown Junction Campus, Pretoria Campus, Braamfontein Campus, Durban Campus, or the Polokwane Campus. Each campus provides a conducive environment for learning, with cutting-edge facilities and resources.

Robust Student Support

To support the success of its students, Richfield College has a Student Support Centre located in Braamfontein. The centre is easily accessible via phone or email and even provides assistance through WhatsApp. Students can seek guidance on academic matters, get information about courses, and get help with any other college-related issues.

Bridging the Gap between Academia and Industry

With the badges and certifications offered at Richfield College, students not only gain academic qualifications but also acquire specific skills desired in the IT industry. The partnership with leading organizations like IBM, AWS, Cisco, Oracle, and CIMA bridges the skills gap between academia and the IT industry.

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A Boost for Employment

A Richfield education, adorned with industry-specific badges and certification, sets students apart in the highly competitive job market. Richfield College’s commitment to integrating practical, real-world training into its curriculum ensures its graduates are highly employable. This rigorous training coupled with industry-recognized certifications gives students the confidence to enter the job market, ready to excel.

In conclusion, Richfield College presents a unique blend of academic learning and industry-specific training, delivering a holistic approach to IT education. Aspiring IT professionals choosing to study at Richfield College will gain an in-depth understanding of the field and a distinct competitive edge, preparing them for a rewarding career in the dynamic world of IT.


Richfield College boasts an expansive network of campuses across South Africa, each contributing to the unique, holistic approach to IT education that the college is renowned for. Let’s take a closer look at each campus:

  • Umhlanga Campus Situated in the bustling city of Umhlanga, this campus provides students with state-of-the-art facilities to support their IT learning journey.
  • Bryanston Campus The Bryanston Campus, based in one of Johannesburg’s affluent suburbs, offers a serene environment for students to concentrate on their studies.
  • Cape Town Campus Located in the heart of South Africa’s legislative capital, the Cape Town Campus is a hub of technological innovation, providing students with first-hand exposure to the evolving IT industry.
  • Centurion Campus Centurion Campus, located in the heart of Gauteng province, provides a vibrant and multicultural learning environment.
  • Newtown Junction Campus The Newtown Junction Campus, situated in Johannesburg’s cultural precinct, blends IT education with an artistic atmosphere, stimulating innovative thinking.
  • Pretoria Campus Located in the administrative capital, the Pretoria Campus is a perfect blend of historic charm and modern IT education.
  • Braamfontein Campus Located at 76 Jorissen Street, the Braamfontein Campus is positioned in one of Johannesburg’s most vibrant areas, offering students a rich cultural and educational experience.
  • Durban Campus The Durban Campus, nestled in South Africa’s busiest port city, provides students with the opportunity to learn amidst a backdrop of bustling trade and business activities.
  • Polokwane Campus The Polokwane Campus, situated in the capital of Limpopo, provides a unique learning experience, combining IT education with insights into the local economy.
  • Student Support Centre Braamfontein This campus acts as the student support centre, offering students comprehensive support services to facilitate their academic journey. From academic advice to addressing college-related concerns, the support centre is equipped to assist students in navigating their way through their studies.

With such a wide array of campuses, Richfield College provides students with not only diverse learning environments but also the flexibility to choose a location that best suits their needs and preferences. This approach emphasizes the college’s commitment to offering a learner-centred, quality IT education.

Richfield College Courses and Fees for 2024

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