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Grade 10 Life Sciences Topics Overview

Dive into the fascinating world of Life Sciences with our structured curriculum outline. Here’s what each term covers:

Term 1: Foundations in Biology

  • The Chemistry of Life: Understand the molecular basis of life processes.
  • Cells – The Basic Units of Life: Explore cell structure and function.
  • Cell Division – Mitosis: Learn about the process of cell replication and its importance.
  • Plant and Animal Tissues: Examine the various types of tissues and their roles.
  • Revision for Term 1: Consolidate your knowledge and prepare for assessments.

Term 2: Structural Biology and Physiology

  • Plant and Animal Tissues: Continued detailed study from Term 1.
  • Organs: Discover the complex structures and functions of plant and animal organs.
  • Support and Transport Systems in Plants: Analyze how plants sustain physical structure and transport nutrients.
  • Support Systems in Animals: Investigate how skeletal and muscular systems support animal life.
  • Revision for Term 2: Review and refine your understanding of the term’s content.

Term 3: Systems and Ecosystems

  • Transport Systems in Mammals (Human): Focus on the circulatory and respiratory systems in humans.
  • Biosphere to Ecosystems: Connect global ecological zones to local ecosystems.
  • Revision for Term 3: Essential review to master complex interconnections in biology.
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Term 4: Diversity and Evolution

  • Biodiversity and Classification: Learn about the variety of life forms and their systematic classification.
  • History of Life on Earth: Trace the evolutionary history of biological diversity.
  • Exam Revision: Prepare for your final exams with targeted revision materials.

Each term is designed to build on the previous, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject. Whether you’re prepping for an upcoming test or reinforcing your grasp of complex concepts, our resources are here to support every step of your educational journey in Life Sciences.


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