Gauteng, a vibrant hub in South Africa, hosts a variety of esteemed private nursing colleges offering quality education and practical training to aspiring nurses. Here’s a detailed look at some of the key institutions where you can pursue your nursing education in Gauteng:

1. Arwp Training Institute (Pty) Ltd

Located in Gauteng, ARWP Training Institute provides specialized nursing training and education, focusing on equipping students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills required in the healthcare industry.

Address: 20 Pine Ave, Kempton Park Cbd, Kempton Park, 1619

2. Ukwazi School of Nursing, Roodepoort Campus

Ukwazi School of Nursing offers comprehensive nursing programs that cater to various levels of nursing education. The Roodepoort Campus is known for its rigorous training and well-structured curriculum, preparing students thoroughly for their nursing careers.

Meersig, 1 Constantia Blvd, Constantia Kloof, Roodepoort, 1709

3. Mediclinic PTY (Ltd) Learning Center, Tshwane Region

This learning center is part of the Mediclinic group and provides nursing education in the Tshwane region. It offers a range of programs that focus on different aspects of nursing and healthcare, supported by Mediclinic’s vast network of healthcare facilities.

1st Floor Block J, the Boardwalk Lakeside, 107 Haymeadow Cres, Faerie Glen, Pretoria, 0081

4. Mediclinic PTY (Ltd) Learning Center, Northern Region

Similar to its counterpart in Tshwane, the Northern Region center focuses on delivering high-quality nursing education, leveraging Mediclinic’s resources to provide students with practical and theoretical training in a real-world environment.

1st Floor Block J, the Boardwalk Lakeside, 107 Haymeadow Cres, Faerie Glen, Pretoria, 0081

5. Netcare Education Pty (Ltd), Gauteng North East Campus

Netcare Education is a leading provider of healthcare education in South Africa. The Gauteng North East Campus offers a range of nursing programs, including diplomas and higher certificates, with a focus on producing competent and skilled nursing professionals.

2 Bunting Rd, Auckland Park, Johannesburg, 2092

6. Netcare Education Pty (Ltd), Gauteng South West Campus

Located in the South West of Gauteng, this campus provides similar nursing programs as its North East counterpart, ensuring comprehensive education and training with access to Netcare’s extensive health facilities.

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7. Life College of Learning, East Rand Learning Centre

Part of the Life Healthcare Group, this college offers nursing education and training with an emphasis on practical experience in Life Healthcare’s facilities. The East Rand Learning Centre is known for its dynamic approach to nursing education and its commitment to high standards.

8. Khanyisa Nursing School

Khanyisa Nursing School provides various nursing programs and is known for its focus on practical skills and community-based training. The school is dedicated to fostering a learning environment that supports the development of caring, knowledgeable health professionals.

9. ESDA Nursing Education Institute

ESDA Nursing Education Institute is dedicated to training healthcare professionals. The institute provides a nurturing environment, emphasizing the development of clinical skills along with compassionate patient care. It’s well-regarded for its commitment to high educational standards.

10. Life College of Learning, West Rand Learning Centre

As part of the Life Healthcare Group, the West Rand Learning Centre upholds the same high standards as its East Rand counterpart. It offers comprehensive nursing education with a strong emphasis on practical experience, preparing students for a robust career in various healthcare settings.

11. Future Nurses Nursing School (Pty) Ltd

Future Nurses Nursing School focuses on a student-centered approach to nursing education, providing training that is both in-depth and practical. The programs are designed to equip students with the skills necessary to excel in the fast-evolving healthcare industry.

12. Tswelopele Nursing School

Tswelopele Nursing School offers a range of nursing programs that focus on primary healthcare, community services, and more specialized nursing practices. The school prides itself on a curriculum that prepares students for real-world challenges in healthcare.

13. Empilweni Nursing College

Located in Gauteng, Empilweni Nursing College provides education that bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. This college is known for its rigorous programs that prepare students for successful careers in both public and private healthcare sectors.

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14. Thuto Bophelo Nursing Academy (PTY) LTD

Thuto Bophelo Nursing Academy offers a comprehensive selection of nursing programs. It emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills necessary for effective and ethical nursing practice. The academy is committed to fostering an environment that encourages lifelong learning.

270 Struben St, Pretoria Central, Pretoria, 0002

15. Falcon Health Sciences

Falcon Health Sciences is known for its focus on various healthcare training programs, including nursing. The institution offers both short courses and more extensive programs, designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for a career in healthcare.

16. Ithemba Nursing Academy (PTY) LTD

Ithemba Nursing Academy is known for its strong focus on practical training and community healthcare. The academy provides students with the necessary skills to excel in both hospital and community settings, fostering a deep understanding of patient care.

17. Nicole Nurses Training School

Nicole Nurses Training School offers specialized nursing training programs that focus on holistic patient care. The school is dedicated to producing well-rounded nursing professionals who are ready to contribute effectively to the health sector.

18. Ga-Rankuwa Nursing College

Ga-Rankuwa Nursing College is a well-established institution known for its robust nursing education programs. It provides students with comprehensive training that covers various aspects of nursing, preparing them for diverse roles within the healthcare industry.

19. Berea Nurses Institute

Berea Nurses Institute focuses on offering accessible nursing education and training to students across Gauteng. The institute prides itself on a curriculum that integrates theoretical knowledge with practical skills necessary for effective nursing practice.

93 Barry Hertzog Ave, Emmarentia, Randburg, 2195

20. HEALTHNICON School of Nursing

Healthnicon is one of the larger private nursing education institutions in South Africa, with campuses across the country. It offers a wide range of nursing programs, from basic to advanced levels, focusing on innovative teaching methods and clinical practice.

20 Hofmeyer Ave, Vereeniging, 1939

21. ROSTEC College Pretoria

ROSTEC College in Pretoria provides comprehensive healthcare education, including nursing. The college is dedicated to fostering an educational environment that equips students with modern healthcare practices and technologies.

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22. Africa Health Nursing College

Africa Health Nursing College offers a variety of nursing programs designed to prepare students for the demands of the healthcare industry. The college emphasizes both the theoretical aspects of nursing and the practical skills needed to succeed in various healthcare environments.

Carletonville, 2500


Which nursing colleges are open for 2024 – 2025 applications in Gauteng?

Many nursing colleges in Gauteng are currently open for 2024 – 2025 applications. This includes prominent institutions such as Netcare Education, which offers various nursing programs across its campuses. Prospective students should visit the websites of individual colleges like Netcare, HEALTHNICON, and Ithemba Nursing Academy to find specific application details and deadlines.

Does NSFAS fund private nursing colleges?

NSFAS does not typically fund private nursing colleges. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme generally provides support for students attending public universities and TVET colleges. Students interested in attending private nursing colleges in South Africa will need to explore alternative funding options such as private loans, scholarships, or bursaries offered directly by the colleges.

Which private college offers nursing in Pretoria?

HEALTHNICON School of Nursing and ROSTEC College are private institutions in Pretoria offering nursing programs. HEALTHNICON has a campus in Pretoria that provides a range of nursing education programs from basic to advanced levels, focusing on high-quality training and professional preparation. ROSTEC College also offers comprehensive nursing education with a focus on equipping students with practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed in the healthcare industry.