What are the three Basic Promotional Requirements for NCS in SA?

For the National Senior Certificate (NCS) in South Africa, the three basic promotional requirements are:

  1. Subject Passes: Achieve at least 40% in three subjects, including one home language, and 30% in three other subjects.
  2. School-Based Assessments (SBA): Complete all required continuous assessments during the year.
  3. Final Examinations: Pass the final examinations set by the Department of Basic Education.

The National Senior Certificate (NCS) in South Africa has certain promotional requirements to ensure that students progress from grade to grade and ultimately qualify to receive their Matric certificate. Here are three basic promotional requirements:

  1. Passing of Required Subjects:
    • Students must pass at least 40% in three subjects, one of which must be an official language at Home Language level.
    • Additionally, they need to achieve at least 30% in three other subjects.
    • Among these subjects, Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy and either Life Sciences or Physical Science are often key focus areas depending on the student’s chosen stream.
  2. School-Based Assessments (SBA):
    • These are continuous assessments that take place throughout the year and are a compulsory component of the final grade for each subject.
    • SBAs usually account for a significant percentage of the final mark (usually about 25% of the final mark in each subject).
    • These assessments include assignments, tests, projects, oral presentations, and practical tasks, varying by subject.
  3. Final Examinations:
    • Students must sit for final exams at the end of their Matric year.
    • These exams are nationally set and administered by the Department of Basic Education.
    • The final exam typically constitutes about 75% of the total mark in each subject, complementing the SBA.
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Successfully meeting these requirements is crucial for advancing through the grades and for eligibility to receive the National Senior As with any education system, staying informed of any changes or updates to these requirements is important as they can occasionally be adjusted by education authorities.