TUT Pharmacy Requirements: A Guide to Studying Pharmacy at TUT

When considering a career in pharmacy, Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) offers a comprehensive Bachelor of Pharmacy program designed to equip students with the essential skills and knowledge needed in the pharmaceutical field. Here’s what you need to know about the requirements to study pharmacy at TUT.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission into the Pharmacy program at TUT, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • National Senior Certificate: You must possess a National Senior Certificate with a bachelor’s degree endorsement.
  • Subject Requirements: A minimum score of 4 in four subjects is essential, which includes:
  • English: Level 4 (Home Language or First Additional Language)
  • Mathematics or Technical Mathematics: Level 4
  • Physical Sciences or Technical Sciences: Level 4
  • Life Sciences: Level 4
  • Plus two other subjects, each with a minimum of Level 4 (excluding Life Orientation).

Selection Criteria

  • Admission Point Score (APS): Applicants must have an APS of at least 24, excluding Life Orientation, to be considered for the Pharmacy program.
  • Preferred APS: Those with an APS of 32 or more will be given preference for admission, depending on the availability of space within the program.

Assessment Procedures

  • Initial Screening: Applicants who meet the basic admission requirements will be invited to participate in a TUT potential assessment.
  • Interview: A departmental panel interview is part of the selection process, helping to determine the suitability of candidates for this demanding field.

Additional Considerations for Applicants with Higher Education

  • NQF Level 7 Qualifications: Applicants holding a relevant qualification at NQF Level 7 from another accredited institution may be evaluated at the discretion of the academic department, potentially influencing their admission into the program.
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Program Details

  • Intake: The program only admits new students in January.
  • Class Presentation: Pharmacy classes are conducted during the day in blocks as scheduled by the Department.
  • Program Duration: The minimum duration to complete the program is four years.
  • Application Deadline: Applications must be submitted by 15 June each year.

Further Study and Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Pharmacy, graduates have several paths available for further studies and career advancement:

  • Further Studies: Opportunities for further education include MPharmSci and PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Career Prospects: Graduates can look forward to careers as licensed pharmacists in various settings such as hospitals, retail pharmacies, or research institutions.

In summary, the TUT Pharmacy program is rigorous and requires a strong academic foundation in science subjects, coupled with a satisfactory APS. Meeting these requirements is your first step towards a successful career in pharmacy, contributing significantly to health care and medical science.