What Curriculum does Spark Schools Use?

SPARK Schools, known for its innovative approach in South African education, uses the CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement) curriculum across its institutions. This curriculum serves as the foundation for academic instruction but is significantly enhanced by SPARK’s unique educational additions, aiming to prepare students not only academically but also as holistic individuals ready to thrive in the real world.

Core Curriculum and Beyond

At the heart of SPARK Schools’ curriculum is the CAPS framework, adhered to by all public schools in South Africa. This ensures that students receive a standardized education that aligns with national expectations. However, SPARK Schools take this a step further by integrating additional subjects and activities that expand beyond these requirements.

High School Curriculum (Grades 8-9) Subjects:

  1. Life Orientation
  2. English Home Language
  3. Mathematics
  4. Economic Management Sciences (including Business Studies and Accounting)
  5. Creative Arts
  6. Natural Science
  7. Social Science (Geography and History)
  8. Technology
  9. Coding and Robotics
  10. First Additional Languages: isiZulu, isiXhosa, Afrikaans, South African Sign Language (selected based on regional relevance)

Primary School Curriculum Subjects:

  • Math
  • Literacy (isiZulu & isiXhosa)
  • Physical Education
  • Social & Emotional Learning
  • Natural & Social Science

Extended Learning through XC Projects and Character Quotient

SPARK Schools’ curriculum is enriched with XC Projects, which are cross-curricular initiatives that encourage students to explore various topics that transcend the standard curriculum. These projects foster critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Additionally, the Character Quotient component focuses on developing strong moral values and interpersonal skills. This aspect is crucial as it aims to build character alongside academic prowess, preparing students to be conscientious and responsible citizens.

Extended School Day and Innovative Learning Methods

SPARK Schools operate an extended school day which accommodates all academic classes, physical education, and sessions in the Learning Lab, where computer-based instruction takes place. This model ensures comprehensive coverage of the curriculum while allowing time for in-depth exploration of subjects through innovative teaching methods.

The school day begins with “Sparks Fly,” a morning assembly designed to energize and engage students from the start. This is followed by a structured schedule that balances rigorous academic sessions with physical activity and creative learning.

Aftercare and Support

Recognizing the needs of working parents and the importance of a supportive learning environment, SPARK Schools offer an aftercare program available until 5:30 pm during school terms. This program provides students with additional time for homework, study, and relaxation under supervised care.

SPARK Schools’ curriculum offers a balanced blend of traditional educational standards and modern, innovative learning methodologies. By extending beyond the basic requirements of the CAPS curriculum and incorporating unique educational elements like XC Projects and Character Quotient, SPARK Schools not only focus on academic excellence but also emphasize the overall development of students. This approach ensures that learners are well-prepared for future challenges, both in further education and in life.

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List of Spark Schools

Explore the various branches from the SPARK Schools list, each offering unique facilities and programs tailored to cater to different grade levels and community needs. Below is detailed information about some of the SPARK Schools branches, highlighting their locations, grades served, and more.

SPARK Alberton

Location: 45 Newquay Rd, New Redruth, Alberton, 1449
Grades Served: R-3
SPARK Alberton offers early childhood and primary education focusing on foundational knowledge and skills in a nurturing environment. This branch caters to the youngest learners, helping them begin their educational journey with a solid base in essential academic and social skills.

SPARK Bedfordview

Location: 9 Concorde E Rd, Bedfordview, Johannesburg, 2008
Grades Served: R-4
SPARK Bedfordview extends its educational offerings to include Grade 4, allowing students to continue their learning in a familiar environment that values academic excellence and character development. The location in Bedfordview provides accessible education to families in one of Johannesburg’s bustling suburbs.

SPARK Bramley

Location: 41 High Rd, Bramley, Johannesburg, 2018
Grades Served: R – 7
SPARK Bramley serves students from the Reception year up to Grade 7, offering a full primary education experience. The curriculum focuses on creating a holistic learning experience that fosters academic achievement and personal growth across all primary grade levels.

SPARK Carlswald

Location: Corner Dogplum Road and Olea Road, Carlswald, Johannesburg, 1685
Grades Served: R – 7
Situated in the tranquil suburb of Carlswald, SPARK Carlswald provides a comprehensive education from Reception through Grade 7. The school focuses on a blend of academic rigor and extracurricular opportunities to develop well-rounded individuals prepared for the challenges of secondary education.

SPARK Centurion

Location: Witpensstekelstert St, Centurion, Pretoria, 0157
Grades Served: R – 7
SPARK Centurion offers a robust educational program from Reception to Grade 7. Located in the rapidly growing area of Centurion, this school provides a dynamic learning environment that encourages students to harness their potential and develop essential skills for future success.

SPARK Cresta

Location: 165 Republic Rd, Fontainebleau, Randburg, 2032
Grades Served: R – 7
Nestled in the Cresta area, SPARK Cresta caters to students from Reception year through Grade 7. The school focuses on a curriculum that supports intellectual growth and character development, preparing students for the complexities of further education and beyond.

SPARK Ferndale

Location: 8 Hunter St, Blairgowrie, Randburg, 2194
Grades Served: R – 7
SPARK Ferndale provides a comprehensive education for students from Reception to Grade 7. With a strong emphasis on personalized learning, SPARK Ferndale is committed to fostering a nurturing environment that encourages students to excel academically and grow personally.

SPARK Kempton Park

Location: 43 Derrick Rd, Spartan, Kempton Park, 1619
Grades Served: R – 7
Located in Kempton Park, SPARK Kempton Park offers a vibrant educational setting for students from Reception to Grade 7. The school is dedicated to delivering an engaging and rigorous curriculum that promotes a love for learning and prepares students for future educational challenges.

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SPARK Midrand

Location: 44 Alsatian Rd, Glen Austin AH, Midrand, 1685
Grades Served: R – 7
SPARK Midrand offers a full primary education, from Reception to Grade 7. The school’s location in Glen Austin AH provides a serene learning environment, focusing on nurturing a balanced curriculum that supports academic, physical, and emotional development.

SPARK Randpark Ridge

Location: 1 Sysie Rd, Randpark Ridge, Randburg, 2169
Grades Served: R – 7
Set in the tranquil suburb of Randpark Ridge, SPARK Randpark Ridge serves students up to Grade 7. The school emphasizes a comprehensive education that fosters academic excellence while promoting social and emotional well-being.

SPARK Riversands

Location: Sparks Riversands, Knopjeslaagte, Midrand, South Africa
Grades Served: R – 5
SPARK Riversands provides early childhood and primary education up to Grade 5. It focuses on creating a foundation of essential academic skills and personal growth, all within a nurturing environment designed to inspire and engage young learners.

SPARK Rivonia

Location: Edenburg Terraces, Rivonia Blvd, Edenburg, Sandton, 2128
Grades Served: R – 5
Located in the upscale area of Rivonia, SPARK Rivonia offers education from Reception through to Grade 5. The school places a strong emphasis on innovative teaching methods and provides a curriculum enriched with technology and personalized learning strategies.

SPARK Rosslyn Hub

Location: Ikhambi St & Morning Star Cres, Klipfontein, Soshanguve, 0164
Grades Served: R – 7
SPARK Rosslyn Hub is situated in the vibrant community of Soshanguve. The school offers a comprehensive education from Reception to Grade 7, focusing on preparing students for higher education and life beyond school with a strong emphasis on core academic subjects and character development.

SPARK Rynfield

Location: Corner Pretoria Road and Vlei Road, Rynfield, Benoni, 1501
Grades Served: R – 7
Located in the serene suburb of Rynfield, Benoni, SPARK Rynfield provides a nurturing environment that supports a balanced education. The curriculum is tailored to foster academic excellence and holistic development, ensuring students are well-prepared for their future educational journeys.

SPARK Silver Lakes

Location: Corner Lynnwood Drive and Dudley Street, Shere, Pretoria, 0081
Grades Served: R – 7
SPARK Silver Lakes, set in the picturesque area of Shere, Pretoria, caters to students up to Grade 7. The school focuses on an enriched curriculum that includes modern teaching methods and technology integration, aiming to equip students with the skills needed in a globalized world.

SPARK Soweto

Location: R558 & Wild Chestnut Street, Protea Glen, Soweto, 1819
Grades Served: R – 7
SPARK Soweto offers a dynamic learning environment in one of Johannesburg’s most famous townships. The school’s commitment to providing high-quality education encompasses a strong academic program alongside initiatives that build character and community awareness.

SPARK Theresa Park

Location: 1082 Bokmakierie St, Theresapark, Akasia, 0155
Grades Served: R – 7
SPARK Theresa Park, located in Akasia, offers a vibrant educational environment for students from Reception through Grade 7. The school prioritizes a curriculum that encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills, preparing students for the challenges of secondary education and beyond.

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SPARK Turffontein

Location: 1 Minnaar St, Forest Hill, Johannesburg South, 2190
Grades Served: R – 7
SPARK Turffontein serves the Johannesburg South community, providing an educational setting that fosters learning and development through innovative teaching methods. The school’s focus is on delivering a balanced education that nurtures both academic abilities and personal growth.

SPARK Weltevreden Park

Location: Corner Albert Street & Cornelius Street, Weltevreden Park, Johannesburg, 1709
Grades Served: R – 7
Situated in Weltevreden Park, SPARK Weltevreden Park is known for its commitment to excellence in education, offering a comprehensive curriculum that includes a strong emphasis on technology and collaborative learning. The school aims to create a supportive learning environment where students can thrive.

SPARK Witpoortjie

Location: 1499 Lipton St, Mindalore, Krugersdorp, 1739
Grades Served: R – 7
SPARK Witpoortjie, located in Krugersdorp, provides a nurturing educational environment that focuses on holistic development. The school offers a range of programs that support academic excellence, creative expression, and physical education, ensuring a well-rounded approach to student development.


What is the pass rate for SPARK Schools?

The pass rate for matric at SPARK Schools 97% in the National Senior Certificate Exams. This is based on their 2023 matric pass rate of their first grade 12 class.

Are SPARK Schools private or public?

SPARK Schools are private institutions. They offer an innovative education model that integrates technology with personalized learning to enhance the educational experience.

How much do SPARK Schools teachers get paid?

Teachers at SPARK Schools earn between R23,000 and R25,000 per month. This salary range reflects their commitment to attracting and retaining quality educators who are crucial to the schools’ mission of providing excellent education.

Does SPARK School Offer Afrikaans?

Yes, Afrikaans is offered at SPARK Schools as one of the First Additional Language options. This allows students the opportunity to study Afrikaans alongside their home language, aligning with the national curriculum standards.

How Many SPARK Schools Are There?

There are 26 SPARK Schools locations, serving approximately 15,000 SPARK Scholars across Gauteng and the Western Cape. This network includes a variety of schools, each dedicated to providing high-quality education and fostering a supportive learning environment.