Courses that require 20 – 25 APS Score Points or lower at VUT.

Vaal University of Technology: Vaal University of Technology has a number of low APS Score from as low as 21 – 25. Typically, courses that require a very low APS score are Certificates, while Diploma courses require average APS scores. Degree courses usually require standard to high APS scores.

  • Low APS scores are: 14, 15, 16, 17,18, 19, and 20
  • Average APS score are: 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 25
  • High APS score: 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 – 45

20 -25 APS Score Courses at VUT

If you’re looking at pursuing a course at Vaal University of Technology (VUT) and wondering about the APS (Admission Point Score) requirements, here’s a simplified and detailed guide to help you understand which courses you can apply for with an APS score between 20 and 25:

  1. Diploma Courses with Lower APS Requirements (21-22 APS)
    • Diploma in Fashion: An exciting course for those interested in the fashion industry. Requires an APS of 21 with Maths, or 22 with Maths Literacy.
    • Diploma in Photography: Ideal for aspiring photographers, this course requires an APS of 21 with Maths, or 22 with Maths Literacy.
    • Diploma in Graphic Design: Perfect for those with a creative flair looking to enter the design industry. You’ll need an APS of 21 with Maths, or 22 with Maths Literacy.
    • Diploma in Arts: This course covers various aspects of the arts and requires an APS of 21 with Maths, or 22 with Maths Literacy.
  2. Diploma and Engineering Courses with Higher APS Requirements (23-24+ APS)
    • Diploma in Operations Management: A course for those interested in the management of business operations, requiring an APS of 23 or higher.
    • Chemical Engineering: This course is ideal for those interested in chemical processes and requires an APS of 24 or higher.
    • Civil Engineering: For students interested in designing and constructing infrastructure, an APS of 24 or higher is required.
    • Electronic Engineering: This course, focusing on electronic systems and devices, requires an APS of 24 or higher.
    • Power Engineering: Suitable for those interested in energy and power systems, with an APS requirement of 24 or higher.
    • Process Control & Computer Systems: A course combining process control with computer technology, requiring an APS of 24 or higher.
    • Industrial Engineering & Operations Management: This course combines principles of engineering with business management and requires an APS of 24 or higher.
    • Mechanical Engineering: Ideal for those interested in machinery and mechanical systems, requiring an APS of 24 or higher.
    • Metallurgical Engineering: Focusing on metals and their properties, this course requires an APS of 24 or higher.
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It’s important to note that meeting the minimum APS score does not guarantee admission, as there are often additional requirements and limited spaces available in these courses. Be sure to prepare thoroughly and aim for the highest scores possible in your matric exams to increase your chances of getting into the program of your choice at VUT.

What are the minimum requirements for Vaal University of Technology?

The minimum entrance requirements for the Vaal University of Technology are:

  1. A Senior Certificate or an equivalent qualification.
  2. A pass in at least one of the languages of instruction (English) at Higher Grade (HG) or Standard Grade (SG).

Additional specifics:

  • If using an N3 qualification for entry, it must include at least four subjects and pass marks in two official languages, one of which must be English, at Senior Certificate level (SG).
  • For Engineering, Applied and Computer Sciences, there are higher requirements for Mathematics, Physical Science, and sometimes English (HG E or SG C).
  • Other faculties may recommend subjects like Accounting, Economics, Mathematics, Biology, Art, and others depending on the course.
  • Degree programs have specific admission criteria available upon request.
  • Applicants over 23 can seek conditional admission based on individual merits.

For each specific course, there might be additional requirements, so checking directly with the university or the specific department is a good idea. More information is available on the VUT website under general admission requirements.


Does VUT offer diploma courses?

Yes, Vaal University of Technology offers diploma courses.

What are the minimum requirements for Teaching at VUT?

The Bachelor of Education (Senior Phase and Further Education and Training Teaching), a four-year, full-time degree specializing in Science, Mathematics, Electrical and Mechanical Technology, requires a bachelor’s pass in matric for entry. VUT also offers a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PG Dip HE), where the entrance requirements are an undergraduate degree in any field or a diploma with five years teaching experience for Recognition of Prior Learning.

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Does Vaal offer Nursing?

Yes, Vaal University of Technology offers three nursing programs under the South African Nursing Council regulations:

  1. Bachelor of Nursing R425: Nursing (General, Community, and Psychiatry) and Midwifery.
  2. National Higher Diploma in Community Nursing.
  3. B Tech in Community Nursing.

These postgraduate programs are available to Professional Nurses who meet specific criteria for admission, although those criteria are not detailed in the provided information. More information can be found on the VUT website or by contacting the department directly.

How much is the VUT application fee for 2025?

The application fee for Vaal University of Technology in 2025 is R100.00. Application forms submitted without proof of payment will not be accepted.

Does NSFAS pay the registration fee at VUT?

Yes, NSFAS-funded students, as well as other sponsored students, are not required to pay the registration fee at VUT.

Does VUT offer HR courses?

Yes, Vaal University of Technology offers courses in Human Resource Management. These include:

  • Diploma in Human Resource Management.
  • NC(V) Level 4 programs in Management, Management Practice, Human Resources, and Personnel Management.

These programs cater to various aspects of HR and management, providing a comprehensive education in the field.