On this page, you will find a list of the courses that require 20 APS score points or low at Unisa. There are plenty of courses that you can study at UNISA with a lower aps score of 20 and lower. The courses range from Certificates, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, to Bachelor’s Degrees. However, on this page, we have only listed the Diplomas and the Degrees.

The University of South Africa (UNISA) offers numerous courses that require lower Admission Point Scores (APS) compared to other institutions for several reasons:

Accessibility and Inclusivity: UNISA is committed to providing accessible and inclusive education for a wide range of students, including those who may not have achieved the highest APS scores. By offering courses with lower APS requirements, UNISA ensures that more people can access higher education and improve their career prospects, regardless of their socioeconomic background or prior academic performance.

Flexible Learning Approach: UNISA is a distance learning institution that emphasizes self-paced study and flexible learning schedules. This approach allows students with lower APS scores to develop their skills and knowledge at their own pace, without the pressure of traditional, classroom-based learning environments. The university recognizes that not all students perform well in conventional educational settings and that lower APS scores may not accurately reflect a student’s true potential.

Diverse Course Offerings: UNISA offers a broad range of courses across various fields, including both vocational and academic programs. By providing many courses with lower APS requirements, the university caters to a diverse student population with varying interests and aptitudes. This approach allows UNISA to maintain a large student base and helps the institution remain financially sustainable while continuing to fulfill its mission of providing accessible and affordable education to all.

List of Courses that Require 20 Points or Low at Unisa

Diplomas courses:

Let’s elaborate on each of these UNISA diplomas, highlighting that they have relatively lower APS score requirements, making them more accessible or easier to enter for many students.

  1. Diploma in Accounting Sciences (APS Score of 17): This program offers foundational knowledge in accounting, preparing you for a career in financial management, auditing, and taxation.
  2. Diploma in Administrative Management (APS Score of 17): Focuses on administrative skills, ideal for roles in office management, secretarial, or administrative services.
  3. Diploma in Agricultural Management (APS Score of 18): Provides insights into agricultural business management, crucial for careers in farming and agribusiness sectors.
  4. Diploma in Animal Health (APS Score of 18): Perfect for those interested in animal healthcare and welfare, bridging towards veterinary science careers.
  5. Diploma in Chemical Engineering (APS Score of 18): Introduces principles of chemical engineering, paving the way for careers in industries like petrochemicals and pharmaceuticals.
  6. Diploma in Civil Engineering (APS Score of 18): Offers foundational engineering knowledge, essential for careers in construction and infrastructure development.
  7. Diploma in Corrections Management (APS Score of 18): Focuses on managing correctional services, suitable for careers in prison management and rehabilitation services.
  8. Diploma in Electrical Engineering (APS Score of 18): Covers basics of electrical systems and technologies, leading to opportunities in energy sectors and electrical design.
  9. Diploma in Explosives Management (APS Score of 17): Unique program focusing on the management of explosives, vital for mining and demolition industries.
  10. Diploma in Grade R Teaching (APS Score of 18): Prepares you for teaching at the foundation phase, specifically Grade R, focusing on early childhood development.
  11. Diploma in Human Resource Management (APS Score of 17): Covers essential HR principles, preparing for roles in recruitment, training, and employee relations.
  12. Diploma in Industrial Engineering (APS Score of 18): Offers insight into optimizing complex systems, processes, and organizations.
  13. Diploma in Information Technology (APS Score of 18): Provides foundational IT skills, crucial for careers in software development, network management, and IT support.
  14. Diploma in Law (APS 18): An introductory course into legal studies, suitable for roles in paralegal services, legal assistance, or further law studies.
  15. Diploma in Local Government Finance (APS Score of 18): Specializes in financial management within the local government, key for public sector financial roles.
  16. Diploma in Marketing Management (APS Score of 17): Offers insights into marketing strategies and consumer behavior, ideal for careers in advertising and sales.
  17. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (APS Score of 17): Introduces mechanical design and systems, leading to opportunities in manufacturing and automotive industries.
  18. Diploma in Mining Engineering (APS Score of 18): Focuses on mining practices and technologies, crucial for the mining and resources sector.
  19. Diploma in Nature Conservation (APS Score of 18): Prepares for careers in environmental management and conservation.
  20. Diploma in Ornamental Horticulture (APS Score of 18): Ideal for those interested in gardening, landscape design, and horticulture.
  21. Diploma in Policing (APS Score of 18): Offers foundational knowledge for careers in law enforcement and public safety.
  22. Diploma in Public Administration and Management (APS Score of 17): Focuses on public sector management, essential for government and NGO roles.
  23. Diploma in Public Relations (APS 18): Prepares for careers in media relations, corporate communication, and event management.
  24. Diploma in Pulp and Paper Technology (APS Score of 18): Specializes in the pulp and paper manufacturing industry, a unique and niche area.
  25. Diploma in Safety Management (APS Score of 17): Offers insights into occupational health and safety, crucial for industrial and corporate sectors.
  26. Diploma in Security Management (APS Score of 17): Focuses on aspects of private and public security, suitable for careers in security management and consulting.
  27. Diploma in Small Business Management (APS Score of 17): Ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners, covering key business management skills.
  28. Diploma in Tourism Management (APS Score of 17): Prepares for a career in the tourism industry, covering aspects like travel management and hospitality.
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These programs at UNISA, with their lower APS requirements, provide a range of opportunities across various fields. They are especially beneficial for students who may not have high APS scores but are eager to pursue higher education and professional careers.

Degrees courses:

  1. Bachelor of Arts (99311): This versatile program offers a broad education in arts and humanities, ideal for those seeking a well-rounded academic experience. APS Score: 20
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Communication Science (98051): Focuses on media studies, public relations, and communications, preparing students for careers in media and corporate communication. APS Score: 20
  3. Bachelor of Arts in Community Development (98618): This course is designed for those interested in community work, focusing on improving living conditions and social justice. APS Score: 20
  4. Bachelor of Arts in Policy Studies: Offers insights into policy making and analysis, ideal for students interested in government, non-profit, or private sector policy roles. APS Score: 20
  5. Bachelor of Arts in Police Science: Tailored for those aspiring to leadership roles in policing, focusing on criminal justice and law enforcement. APS Score: 20
  6. Bachelor of Arts in International Relations: Prepares students for careers in diplomacy, international organizations, and global politics. APS Score: 20
  7. Bachelor of Arts in Government, Administration, and Development: This course explores public administration, governance, and development studies, suitable for public sector careers. APS Score: 20
  8. Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Science and Technology: Ideal for students interested in crime scene investigation and forensic analysis. APS Score: 20
  9. Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Management: Focuses on environmental policy, management, and sustainability, preparing students for roles in environmental protection and management. APS Score: 20
  10. Bachelor of Arts in Development Studies: Offers insights into development challenges and strategies, suitable for careers in development agencies and NGOs. APS Score: 20
  11. Bachelor of Arts in Criminology: This course delves into criminal behavior, justice systems, and crime prevention, ideal for careers in law enforcement and justice. APS Score: 20
  12. Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing: Perfect for aspiring writers, focusing on developing writing skills across various genres. APS Score: 20
  13. Bachelor of Arts in Political Leadership and Citizenship: This program explores political theory, leadership skills, and civic responsibility. APS Score: 20
  14. Bachelor of Arts in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics: Combines these three disciplines to provide a well-rounded understanding of contemporary societal issues. APS Score: 20
  15. Bachelor of Arts in Visual Multimedia Arts: Ideal for students interested in digital arts, graphic design, and multimedia production. APS Score: 20
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Each of these programs at UNISA requires an APS Score of 20, making them more accessible to a wider range of students. They cater to a variety of interests and career paths in the arts and humanities.