Let’s chat about what you need to get into the PGCE (Post Graduate Certificate in Education) at Sol Plaatje University. It’s a one-year, full-time gig, and it’s all about prepping you for teaching in South African secondary schools. Here’s the lowdown on what you gotta have and what you’ll be doing:


  • Your Paperwork: Make sure you upload these:
    • Certified matric certificate.
    • A copy of your ID, also certified.
    • Certified academic transcript of a relevant bachelor’s degree at NQF Level 7, or a 360-credit diploma at NQF level 6.
    • Certified copy of the degree or diploma you’ve got.
  • No Missing Docs: If any of these are missing, they won’t even look at your application. So, double-check!

The PGCE Experience:

  • Teaching Practice: Get ready to spend at least 10 weeks teaching in selected Kimberley schools. This part is a must; no shortcuts or exceptions.
  • Full-Time Commitment: The program is full-time. You’ll need to attend lectures and micro-teaching sessions on campus.

A Bit About the Program:

  • What It Is: It’s a one-year, 132-credit qualification at NQF level 7. Tailored for future teachers, it’s all about giving you a solid foundation to teach in secondary schools.
  • The Goals: You’ll work on:
    • Boosting your know-how on teaching content.
    • Developing self-reflection and understanding to uphold top-notch professional ethics.
    • Becoming an active citizen ready to respond to and initiate change.
    • Learning to manage diverse learners in different settings.

Getting In:

  • General Rules Apply: Sol Plaatje University’s general rules for postgrad studies are in play here.
  • Specific Requirements:
    • You need a bachelor’s degree at NQF Level 7 or a 360-credit diploma at NQF level 6.
    • These should include two school subjects recognized by the program.
    • To specialize in a Further Education and Training (FET) subject, you need a major in a subject (48 credits at NQF level 7).
    • Plus, another major module (24 credits at NQF level 6) as a Senior Phase (SP) subject.
  • RPL Policy: If you don’t meet these requirements, they might consider your prior learning and experience.
  • Equity and Access: They also take equity and access into account, but without compromising the program’s integrity.
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That’s the scoop! If you’re all about teaching and shaping young minds, the PGCE at Sol Plaatje University sounds like a solid step. Get your docs in order, and you’re good to go. Best of luck!

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