Tvet College Fees Per Month: What to Expect

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges in South Africa offer a wide range of courses tailored to meet the demands of various industries. Understanding the fee structure for these colleges is essential for students and parents planning for educational expenses. Below, we break down the fees for different subjects and services for 2024 and provide an estimated increase for 2025, based on a 10% projected increase.

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Sundry Tariffs for 2024 (and Estimated for 2025)

  • Remarks: R215 (2025 estimate: R236.50)
  • Rechecking: R215 (2025 estimate: R236.50)
  • Gr12 Certificates and others: R215 (2025 estimate: R236.50)
  • N3 Certificates: R215 (2025 estimate: R236.50)
  • Exemptions: R215 (2025 estimate: R236.50)
  • Transfers: R215 (2025 estimate: R236.50)
  • Replacement of a lost student card: R105 (2025 estimate: R115.50)
  • Typing of a statement of results/progress report duplicates: R75 (2025 estimate: R82.50)
  • Copy of an examination permit: R40 (2025 estimate: R44)
  • Changing student personal details for submission to DHESI: R34 (2025 estimate: R37.40)
  • Application for Amanuensis (disability): R345 (2025 estimate: R379.50)
  • Amanuensis examination conduct per subject: R435 (2025 estimate: R478.50)

Examination Fees for 2024 (and Estimated for 2025)

  • All faculties per subject: R465 (2025 estimate: R511.50)
  • Distance colleges (as per MOU only) per subject: R930 (2025 estimate: R1023)
  • Government ticket certificate of competency (exam only): R930 (2025 estimate: R1023)

Engineering Studies Fees for 2024 (and Estimated for 2025)

  • N3 Full Time course with 4 subjects: R2,232 (2025 estimate: R2,455.20)
  • N3 per Full Time subject: R558 (2025 estimate: R613.80)
  • N4-N6 Full Time course with 4 subjects: R2,600 (2025 estimate: R2,860)
  • N4-N6 per Full Time subject: R650 (2025 estimate: R715)
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NCV Fees for 2024 (and Estimated for 2025)

  • Civil Engineering & Building Construction: R16,922 (2025 estimate: R18,614.20)
  • Electrical Infrastructure Construction: R16,705 (2025 estimate: R18,375.50)
  • Engineering & Related Design: R21,625 (2025 estimate: R23,787.50)
  • Finance, Economics & Accounting: R12,176 (2025 estimate: R13,393.60)
  • Management: R12,756 (2025 estimate: R14,031.60)
  • Marketing: R10,921 (2025 estimate: R12,013.10)
  • Office Administration: R10,885 (2025 estimate: R11,973.50)
  • Tourism: R15,850 (2025 estimate: R17,435)
  • Hospitality: R20,584 (2025 estimate: R22,642.40)
  • Information Technology & Computer Science: R16,676 (2025 estimate: R18,343.60)

General Studies Fees for 2024 (and Estimated for 2025)

  • Business Studies (Computer Subject) N4-N6 for Full Time: R1,030 (2025 estimate: R1,133)
  • Business Studies (Theoretical Subject) N4-N6 for Full Time: R762 (2025 estimate: R838.20)

These fees are intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the costs associated with attending a TVET College in South Africa for the year 2024 and an estimate for 2025. It’s important to note that these figures are estimates and subject to change. Students and parents are encouraged to consult directly with their chosen TVET College for the most accurate and up-to-date fee information.

Tvet Colleges Fees Per Month

Creating a quick guide to monthly TVET College fees based directly on the detailed structure provided earlier can be complex, as many TVET College fees are not typically charged on a monthly basis but rather per semester, year, or per specific service. However, I’ll provide a simplified overview that can help estimate monthly costs based on annual or per-service fees detailed above, considering both the academic and vocational courses for 2024 and the estimated increases for 2025.

Monthly Estimation for Key Services and Courses (2024 and Estimated for 2025)

Note: These estimates assume dividing the annual or per-course fees by an academic year’s months (usually calculated over 10 months for simplicity).

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Examination Fees (Per Subject)

  • 2024: R465 (or R930 for specific courses)
  • 2025 Estimate: R511.50 (or R1023 for specific courses)
  • Monthly Breakdown: Depends on the number of subjects but not typically paid monthly.

Engineering Studies (Full Time Course with 4 Subjects)

  • N3 2024: R2,232 / 10 months = Approx. R223.20 per month
  • N3 2025 Estimate: R2,455.20 / 10 months = Approx. R245.52 per month
  • N4-N6 2024: R2,600 / 10 months = Approx. R260 per month
  • N4-N6 2025 Estimate: R2,860 / 10 months = Approx. R286 per month

NCV Courses (Full Time)

  • Civil Engineering & Building Construction 2024: R16,922 / 10 months = Approx. R1,692.20 per month
  • 2025 Estimate: R18,614.20 / 10 months = Approx. R1,861.42 per month
  • Information Technology & Computer Science 2024: R16,676 / 10 months = Approx. R1,667.60 per month
  • 2025 Estimate: R18,343.60 / 10 months = Approx. R1,834.36 per month

General Studies (Business and Hospitality Courses)

  • Business Studies Full Course 2024: R3,316 / 10 months = Approx. R331.60 per month
  • 2025 Estimate: R3,647.60 / 10 months = Approx. R364.76 per month
  • Hospitality Full Course 2024: R7,450 / 10 months = Approx. R745 per month
  • 2025 Estimate: R8,195 / 10 months = Approx. R819.50 per month


These are rough monthly estimates based on dividing the total course or service fees by 10 months, a common practice for educational expense planning. Actual monthly costs can vary based on specific enrollment choices, additional services, and the payment schedule agreed upon with the college. For the most accurate and detailed information, it’s recommended to contact the specific TVET College directly.

Please remember, this guide aims to provide a general sense of what students and families might expect to budget on a monthly basis. It’s crucial to consult with individual colleges for precise figures, payment schedules, and to inquire about any financial aid options that may be available to help offset these costs.