Milpark CTA Fees 2024: A Comprehensive Guide to the Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting

As the demand for qualified Chartered Accountants (CA) in South Africa continues to grow, the importance of accessible, high-quality education cannot be overstated. Milpark Education’s Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting (PGDA), also known as the Certificate in the Theory of Accounting (CTA), stands at the forefront of this educational pursuit. Notably, Milpark’s CTA program is the first and only fully online South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA)-accredited course, marking a significant milestone in flexible, digital learning for aspiring CAs.

Understanding the Fees for 2024

For those looking to embark on this journey in 2024, understanding the fee structure is crucial for planning your studies and financial commitments. Milpark Education has structured the PGDA / CTA fees to accommodate different payment preferences and financial circumstances.

Full Payment Upfront

  • Total Fee: R76,800
  • This option is for those who prefer to settle their fees in one lump sum, offering a streamlined approach to financing your studies.

Payment Via Debit Order

  • Total Fee: R81,800 (over 10 months)
  • Upfront Deposit: R8,300
  • Monthly Payments: R7,350 for 10 months
  • Opting for debit order payments allows for a spread-out expense over several months, making it a manageable option for many students.

Payment Via EFT

  • Total Fee: R85,600 (over 10 months)
  • Upfront Deposit: R9,100
  • Monthly Payments: R7,650 for 10 months
  • For those choosing to pay through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), this option provides flexibility in managing payments directly from your bank account.

Half Workload Over Two Years

For students who elect to pursue the Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting on a half workload basis over two years, the annual fees are halved, providing an extended and more relaxed timeframe to complete the program.

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Program Highlights

The PGDA / CTA at Milpark is more than just a qualification; it’s a gateway to becoming a CA(SA) with a focus on flexibility, support, and interactive learning. The program is tailored for both after-hours and full-time study, ensuring that even working professionals can pursue their CA designation without putting their careers on hold. With two intakes each year, in February and July, the program is designed to fit around your life, available everywhere, thanks to its fully online delivery.

Designed and run by the esteemed former lecturers of CA Connect, Milpark’s CTA program is committed to providing a learning experience that is both effective and convenient for students across South Africa.

Enrolment and Further Information

Finalising payment details is a straightforward process completed upon enrolment. For those interested in taking the next step towards a career as a Chartered Accountant, or for anyone seeking further information about the program, Milpark Education encourages prospective students to reach out directly or visit

In embarking on the Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting at Milpark Education, students are not just investing in their academic careers; they are setting the foundation for a prosperous future in the world of accounting and finance.

For those interested in applying for the Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting (PGDA / CTA) at Milpark Education for the year 2024 or seeking more information about the program, here are the steps and contacts you’ll need:

Admission & Registration Enquiries

  • Email: If you’re at the stage of considering your options and need more details about the PGDA / CTA program, including admission requirements, fee breakdowns, or any other program-specific queries, you should direct your questions to The admissions team is ready to provide detailed information to help you make an informed decision.
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Registered Student Support Queries

  • Email: For current students who need support or have queries related to their ongoing studies, Milpark has a dedicated support channel at Whether it’s about course materials, access to online resources, or any administrative issues, the support team is there to assist.

Phone Contact

  • Call: For more immediate or direct inquiries, you can reach out to Milpark Education by phone at 086 999 0001. This line can provide you with assistance related to both admissions and support for registered students.

Physical Address

For those who prefer in-person interactions or need to visit the campus for any reason, Milpark Education is located at:

  • Address: 3rd Floor, Deneb House, 368 Main Road, Observatory, Cape Town