On this page, you will be able to download the undergraduate Walter Sisulu University (WSU) 2025 Prospectus.

Walter Sisulu University (WSU) has released its general prospectus and detailed faculty information for the year 2025. This comprehensive documentation is designed to guide prospective and current students through the diverse academic offerings and facilities at WSU. Each document is tailored to provide in-depth insights into the faculties, courses, and administrative details relevant to students’ academic journeys.

2025 Prospectus Pdf Download – Undergraduate

Download undergraduate Walter Sisulu University (WSU) 2025 Prospectus in pdf format:

General Prospectus

  • File Size: 2.87 MB
  • Download Format: PDF
  • Overview: The WSU General Prospectus 2025 serves as the foundational document for all prospective students. It offers a broad overview of the university’s ethos, academic programs, campus facilities, admission requirements, and registration processes.

Faculty of Economic & Financial Sciences Prospectus

  • File Size: 9.51 MB
  • Download Format: PDF
  • Key Highlights: This prospectus delves into the courses, academic staff qualifications, departmental offerings, and research opportunities within the Faculty of Economic & Financial Sciences.

Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences & Law Prospectus

  • File Size: 3.08 MB
  • Download Format: PDF
  • Key Highlights: Detailed information on undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the arts, social sciences, and law, including course descriptions, faculty research interests, and career paths for graduates.

Faculty of Management and Public Administration Sciences Prospectus

  • File Size: 1.84 MB
  • Download Format: PDF
  • Key Highlights: Focuses on programs related to business management, public administration, and leadership, detailing course requirements, faculty expertise, and links with industry and government sectors.

Faculty of Law, Humanities & Social Sciences Prospectus

  • File Size: 23.41 MB
  • Download Format: PDF
  • Key Highlights: An expansive document covering all aspects of law, humanities, and social sciences education at WSU, including comprehensive course outlines, faculty profiles, and research facilities.

Faculty of Education Prospectus

  • File Size: 4.17 MB
  • Download Format: PDF
  • Key Highlights: Offers insights into the faculty’s approach to teacher education, including detailed course structures, practical teaching opportunities, and research initiatives aimed at enhancing educational practices.

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